VPN for Torrenting

Despite recent setbacks and the fact that streaming has overtaken torrenting as the main way to consume unauthorized video content, the torrent scene remains a vibrant one. This is hardly surprising, as P2P downloading using the BitTorrent protocol is very efficient and does not require a centralized server. You need VPNs for torrenting, however, because the way in which the BitTorrent protocol works means that files are shared among all downloaders.

This means that any other person (including copyright holders) who downloads the same file as you can see your IP address. This is not good. VPNs for torrents therefore protect you for two reasons:

Your ISP cannot see what you download because all your data is encrypted between your computer and the VPN server.
Anyone watching from the internet will see the IP of the VPN server – not your real IP address. This includes anyone else P2P downloading the same file as you .

Many VPN providers are specifically VPNs for torrents. These will protect you from DMCA notices and other action by copyright holders. Be sure to check, however, because if your VPN providers does not permit torrenting (and not all do), then you may find your subscription canceled, and may even start to receive threatening letters direct from copyright holders!

Please note that BestVPN does not condone copyright theft. VPNs are often used by Torrent users, however, so we feel it our duty to provide accurate information for our readers.