VPN for Netflix

Netflix is the most renowned and popular video streaming service in the world. Nearly as famous as Netflix itself, however, is the knowledge that some VPNs can be used to access the more comprehensive US catalog; from anywhere in the world. Now that a Proxy for Netflix isn’t an option, no matter whereabouts outside the US you are; using a Netflix VPN to spoof your IP address to inside the States is going to massively increase your viewing pleasure.

Unfortunately, the unblocking ability of VPNs has caused Netflix to react by cutting them (nearly all) off. Luckily, stopping each and everyone isn’t easy, and some VPNs are managing to find solutions to get around the Netflix VPN blockade. On the other hand, Netflix keeps working hard to cut off VPN servers’ IP addresses.As you can see, the status of affairs is a contest of strength between the two conflicting sides and few VPNs are surviving. Don’t worry, though, because in this 5 Best VPNs for Netflix we give you the benefit of our knowledge by pinpointing the very best VPN providers for the job. All of these VPNs are successfully focussing their efforts on continuing to provide access to the US catalog of titles.

Do bear in mind, however, that this is an ever-changing situation. We will, of course, be monitoring developments constantly to keep this article updated should anything change. We have communicated with the VPNs on this list, and it is our understanding that they are confident about being able to continue unblocking Netflix in a new way, each time that they get banned. Phew!

So if Netflix isn’t available in your country. Or you would like to watch your Netflix while on vacation. Or perhaps you just like value for money.