China Connection Issues connecting with OpenVPN protocol

We are currently experiencing connection problems from China for OpenVPN.  For more details and instructions on how to resolve your connection issues please take a look here.

Apple informed Golden Frog on July 28 2017 that the VyprVPN iOS app will be removed from the China App Store. To download the VyprVPN iOS app please follow the instructions here. If you are still unable to download or login to the app we recommend that you use the manual setup instructions. 

The Chinese government and ISPs maintain a high level of Internet censorship. As a result, VPN products regularly face challenges and the risk of being blocked in China. Since we run our own hardware and network, we can be responsive to censorship and blocks and consistently maintain our VyprVPN service in China. Check out how Golden Frog handled the last block here.

There are a lot of complexities involved in accessing an unrestricted Internet from China, and we want to provide some additional tips on how to access our website and get connected from China. If you’re having trouble, try the following.

Download The App Before You Leave For China

The first and most important – if possible, download the app before you go.

Downloading the app before you go will allow you access to VyprVPN and related services when you arrive, without having to worry about blocks.

VyprVPN App Downloads

Access Our Website via .biz or .website

Although we are able to consistently maintain services, we cannot always keep our Golden Frog website unblocked in the country. To improve access, we have mirrored our site in two places. Our main website can be accessed and used in China at the following URLs:

Users in China may face mixed results when using these sites. So the best possible way to access the site is by installing the VyprVPN app on your personal devices before visiting China, if possible. If you are already in China or are unable to download the apps beforehand, you may need to connect to VyprVPN using our setup guides beforehand to download and use the apps.

As of December 15th, 2015, we now support in-app confirmation in our VyprVPN Android and iOS apps so users can use the service without ever accessing our website.

Use Manual Configuration

We recommend using the manual configuration if you are not able to download the app for your device. Using the manual setup guides, you will be able to establish a VyprVPN connection that will unblock the main Golden Frog website and the Golden Frog Support site (, and allow you to download the apps while in China.

The manual connection instructions that are linked below are for the IKEv2 or PPTP protocols for ease of setup as it doesn’t require you to have access to the Golden Frog site during setup.  Once you are able to download the app, we recommend using Chameleon in China if available for your account level.

Setup Instructions: