Stay Anonymous Online with a VPN


When you connect to ExpressVPN, all of your internet traffic—regardless of the applications you’re using—is secured using our high strength 256-bit encryption.

We hide your IP address and location with our own IP addresses, so you can surf anonymously without leaving behind a digital footprint.

Prevent corporations from using your information against you.

Corporations can track the locations from which you visit their websites, and exercise price discimination against you. They can also share your data with the government. Worse, their data is vulnerable to hackers.
Protect yourself from hackers.

Accessing Facebook or your email from a public Wi-Fi hotspot? A hacker can hijack your Facebook account or email. Stop hackers from intercepting your personal data.
Stop governments from spying on you.

The NSA is currently building the world’s largest datacenter in Utah. It’s bigger than Google. It’s bigger than Facebook. And it’s going to be filled with data about you and your activities. Don’t be a part of the NSA’s datacenter.

You should use a VPN when…
Threat isp@2x
… you’re connected to an Internet Service Provider

All your internet activity could potentially be recorded and stored by your Internet Service Provider, and could end up in the hands of a third party, such as a government agency. Do you really want people to know which sites you’re using and how you’re using them?

Use ExpressVPN’s hidden IP and encryption to prevent your ISP from logging, monitoring, and/or controlling what you do online.
Threat smartphone@2x
… you’re using a smartphone

Whether you’re chatting with friends or managing your finances with a mobile banking app, your phone is filled with sensitive data. However, it’s impossible to tell how or if a mobile app uses encryption when handling your data.

Use ExpressVPN on your smartphone to protect your personal, financial, and professional information from cybercriminals, especially when connected to unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.
Threat wifi@2x
… you’re connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots

Airports, coffee shops… chances are you’re connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. A hacker could listen in on your connection and get your passwords or messages, access data on your computer, or even access your corporate network.

Use ExpressVPN to encrypt your a Wi-Fi connection, and stop snoopers from collecting your private information.