Why Use a VPN?

Increase Privacy and Security

Encrypt your Internet connection with VyprVPN to protect your privacy and secure your connection. Prevent your ISP or third-party snoops from viewing your online communications, location and browsing activity.

With VyprVPN you can bypass restricted networks and censorship implemented by governments, employers and schools.
Bypass Restrictive Networks and Censorship

Escape restrictive censorship imposed by governments, including the Great Firewall of China. Restore your access to a free and open Internet with VyprVPN.

VPNs can prevent throttling from ISPs, improving your overall online streaming experience.
Improve your Streaming Experience

Improve your speed, access to content and security while streaming online. Achieve the best streaming experience with VyprVPN.

With a VPN, you can protect your personal information from government imposed Data Retention laws.
Defeat Data Retention

Protect yourself against data retention laws. Encrypt your Internet connection to protect your data and privacy, and stop your government from spying on you.

Choose from any of the VyprVPN server locations and easily access geo-restricted content.
Access Geo-Blocked Content

Replace your IP address with one that isn’t tied to your physical location. Choose from over 70 VyprVPN server locations and browse as though you are physically in that location.

A VPN can also help save you money on traveling, watch sports from around the world, improve your online gaming experience, and conduct your business securely.
Additional Uses

Save Money on Travel
Game Like a Pro
Be a True Sports Fan
Conduct Business Securely