VyprVPN Reviews

“This is a decerning VPN for decerning people. It’s not a gateway to illegality or a place to hide, it’s a service that makes you a citizen of the world. vyprvpn makes you borderless on the net and gives you neutral, unfettered access to anything and everything out there, quite simply, you are in control, not your ISP, not your government…you.”

“I discovered VyprVPN 7 days ago and everything changed. Now I can browse anything I want on my mobile. And it’s beautiful!”
Frdnd C.

“I’ve used VyprVPN for a couple of years now. It’s a no brainer. They keep getting more servers and 2.0 is super stable. I would recommend it.”
Brent F.

“VyprVPN is fast, easy to use and worth the price. I love the clean app for my iPhone. You actually made a VPN app look sexy which is a feat in itself compared to what’s out there in the VPN market. And you have servers everywhere which is really great for someone like me that travels internationally a lot. Thanks also for your excellent level of customer support!”
Ravi S.

“This app, and accompanying service, is essential gear…It not only functions well, it’s as important as locking your front door, looking both ways before crossing the street, and keeping your pants zipped.”
Keith S.

“Tried others, but none match the speed of VyprVPN…I quickly realized that I was paying for quality and speed… and VyprVPN’s so far is unmatched by the others I tested. The interfaces, website, customer support and live chat feature to name a few make me WANT to use this product/service. VyprVPN has proven to me that they are above the rest of the competition. Period.”
Graeme B.

“Great app! Love the new UI. This app works perfectly on my Nexus 10 and LG Optimus G w/ Cyanogenmod. The new real-time bandwidth graphs are a great addition to the app.”
Gabriel Q.

“It’s great and does exactly what you’d expect…The app is very easy to use and straight forward, just pick a server from the many servers list that shows the ping from the server which is very handy. The connection is secure, very fast and very stable, that’s what matters the most.”
Sadek I.

“Been using VyprVPN for about 5 of the past 6 years…When I found it at the android store I was very happy and downloaded it right away and started my subscription. I completely believe in golden frog products. Thanks footer making the apps for android and my ipod… thank you golden frog.”

“It’s the best VPN service I’ve ever dealt with…the customer support is so helpful and the servers are so fast…it’s speed is usually 100% of my original speed…unlimited switching between servers and protocols without any restrictions. Awesome VPN Service.”

“My favorite thing about VyprVPN is its interface – it manages to be both highly intuitive and powerful. Without reading any instructions, I knew exactly how to use it from the moment I installed it.”

“Although more expensive than others, VyprVPN has proved to be worth the extra money. The service is great and works brilliantly on my computer, and the support has been great as well as professional.”

“I have used others but VyprVPN is the the best, great speed, excellent support. Really effective for use here in Australia…very happy customer I would certainly recommend the service to others.”

“VyprVPN just works everywhere I need it to. The best apps are those that are just part of your daily life without getting in the way. VyprVPN is top of my list.”
Scott B.

“Amazing app, works great and easy to use.”

“I absolutely love my Golden Frog VPN service. I travel around the world every year and my VPN works without a hitch, if I can get an internet connection I can have my VyprVPN! Having access to all websites while working in China is absolutely invaluable. Websites like youtube, Pandora, Netflix, just to name a few. And being able to browse and search my home country of choice is really awesome. Most importantly is my privacy, with VyprVPN I know that my privacy is being upheld. As a customer of three years I would like to thank you for the great service, keep up the good work and I’ll see you around the globe.”
Dimitrios P.

“Great app sleek and really fast. Golden Frog are doing a great job! It’s hard to see native apps out there for smaller companies but they have really gone all out. The information is presented cleanly, keeping many spatial properties in mind.”
Rahul C.

“This application is very stable and works very well. I have tried several other VPN providers and have continually found VyprVPN to be fast and reliable.”
Nik A.

“VyprVPN is absolutely amazing. It has honestly changed the way I use the internet. While on the internet, some bad people used a DDOS Attack against me and were hitting my internet offline. No matter how many times I told my Internet service providers, they wouldn’t help me! VyprVPN blocks the DDoS Attacks from coming to my computer, so now I can browse the internet without worrying. I am now safe, thanks to VyprVPN.”
Rumeil A

“VyprVPN just makes things easier. Being able to access region blocked content makes it worth it’s weight in gold.”
Ryan B.

“Good, stable, easy to use and setup. Very stable and has servers all over the world.”
Jorge V.

“I used this application for a few months now and I am more confident when I use public wifi hotspots.”
Xavier G.

“VyprVPN has allowed me to travel and live in foreign countries and still have freedom and security online. It’s been a life saver and easy to use.”

“Incredible service in China! Our business and home is in Beijing, the capital of the “great firewall”. We have tried numerous VPN companies and none of them come close to VyprVPN. Extremely fast connections and reliability both for our home and our business. I am a very happy Premier customer and would happily recommend the service. Great job guys!”
Michael M.

“This is just a really great service. I’m new to VPNs and I love their 1 button easy and fast connection. Its also great on how much servers they have! I have tried over 4 different VPN Providers and this is just the best one. I also bought the basic package from them and I’m loving it! It connects to the server in less then 10 seconds thats what I really like. AND THE SPEEDS ARE SUPER FAST!”

“Great job with the new version! Much, much, much more stable.”
Andrew S.

“VyprVPN is a must have to protect your privacy and Internet browsing. Have been a VyprVPN user for several years and highly recommend it to everyone.”
Harvey D.

“I have only used VyprVPN on a trial basis so far, but having tested four other VPNs I can definitely say that this is the best, both in performance AND quality of service/feedback.”

“Great app for securing your connection. Love using this vpn when connected to any public wifi.”
Josh K.

“Extremely happy. Great product. A “LAN kill switch” single push on off button would be a nice feature on the main op so you dont have to go into settings to apply the kill switch. But other that that…A rocking great product. Works great and exceeds expectations. Thank you. Very affordable for the results.”

“Beautifully designed apps for Windows, iOS and Android. I use them all and they beat the competition hands down.”
Gary F.

“Great update. App features are pleasing, easy to use UI. Connection speed is good and there is a wide ever growing range of VPN server locations. Must have app for android as well as ios and your computer!”
Marc S.

“Might be a daft punk song – stronger, faster, easier, safer.”

“This VPN app is really great, especially if you don’t understand how VPN works under the hood. Just click a button and you’re automatically connected – no need to worry about certificates. As someone who travels and spends a lot of time in airports, the app is awesome :)”
Seth V.

“Finally, I am able to blast into region blocked contact. Really, really, beautiful product – and fast!”
Eugene N.

“Wonderful application for travelers. Friendly user app with easy set up. Get it and run it almost instantly.”
Seb G.

“Excellent. with good response from tech support when needed.”

“Must Have. Excellent application, best way to keep unwanted eyes away.”
Benoit B.

“VyprVPN – it’s our man. If it can’t stream our programmes, then nothing can!!”
Lucy P.

“Perfect, it has an excellent visual style and is simple to use, especially with the home-screen widget! Beats using android’s built in VPN manager, since no lock screen password is required!”
Aidan O.

“I can safely browse … knowing that my internet is very secure with my VPN enabled and it’s also great for browsing foreign websites. It’s a must application to have!!!”
Gary M.

“Awesome app. Great app, allows me to have complete internet freedom! Just what I want!”
Terry M.

“I love VyprVPN. I always recommend it to all my friends and people at work. Great interface and easy to use.”
Robert C.

“Using VyprVPN from the Gloucester Travelodge, open Wifi system. actually improves the speed of that connection ironically. Also used VyprVPN on my laptop with the O2 dongle. Worked PERFECTLY. All connections completely secured. Although I am sure there was no problem with the network, was able to use it on my daughters Wifi system at her house yesterday. Allowed access to sites otherwise blocked so Xmas viewing had a much better range of choices. Can’t recommend this service too much. When I did need support I got an answer within 15 mins. Being totally self dependent and not using any hosting service, my security is assured.”
Mike K.

“Extremely impressed so far, love the new interface much more informative, speed has greatly improved and the connection is very stable. Overall this is a vast improvement and keep up the good work.”
Dale B.

“VyprVPN is a must have. With multiple countries and people constantly trying to hack and or steal passwords vpn is very important. I have looked and used others but VyprVPN is by far the best and easiest to use. They offer multiple servers and ways to connect to find the best for you. When you are using their vpn you will hardly notice a speed decrease. It has actually made my internet faster. They have stellar support, give free online storage and even have a firewall built in. If you surf the web a lot this is something you need.”

“Easily installed onto 3 devices (Dell Vostro, MacBook Air and iPhone).”
Eugene N.

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, this VPNs the one for you. Also it’s pretty too.”

“Best VPN out there! Ok, the main reason this is the best VPN is speed, which I particularly need in order to stream regionally constraint video services when I travel.”
Nicholas R.

“It has worked great for me. I can counter the great firewall anytime I want and it works amazing!”
Alfie C.

“Love VyprVPN. Super simple to use on my iPad, iPhone and Macs. Especially handy when I’m traveling and using random wi-fi hotspots. Must have.”

“Once I transferred from my previous VPN provider, I immediately recorded significantly higher download and upload speeds from each of my usual server locations. It is simple to use and has given me continuity of service. All this was a bonus as it was the companies devotion to privacy that influenced my decision to transfer to VyprVPN in the first place.”
Stephen J.

“Support people I talked to throughout the resolution of the problem were fast and nice as usual and I thank you very much for this follow up in order to solve it once and for all.”

“VyprVPN is one of the greatest VPN services I have used. I have tried a wide number of other VPN services and while most of them worked, they often dropped connection with no notification or wouldn’t full connect. But that has never happened to me with VyprVPN. With this service I’ve never been worried that my internet privacy was at risk. The support staff is also absolutely stellar. The best I’ve ever encountered, and as someone who has frequent computer and technical issues, I’ve dealt with a lot of online support. While I was trying to figure out why I had an error when trying to connect with a new ISP and modem, a support person stayed with me for over an hour and a half. They walked me through everything I needed to figure out that my router was causing a problem and not VyprVPN itself. This service is stellar, the support staff is the best I’ve encountered and it’s all reasonably priced. I know this is the vpn service I will be telling everyone I know to get.”
Liesl S.

“I use this on my Samsung Galaxy S3…for secure browsing when on an insecure wireless network. Very stable and quick and easy to connect to any of the VPN services available.”
Oliver R.

“VyprVPN is easy and great. I love using VyprVPN, it’s extremely easy to use, fast, and with 256 bit encryption, secure. I also like that they use OpenVPN which is a proven technology in the VPN world.”
Gerald S.

“It’s p.Good been using it to keep my isp from throttling Netflix. I can watch at max quality all day every day”

“Doing business in China is really hard if your whole company is using Google apps. Fortunately VyprVPN made the process of connecting easy most of the time. The rest of the time, it was easy to try different settings and keep on trying to connect. Also the support crew were very helpful when I emailed them.”
Simon Y

“Using VyprVPN is like touching smooth silk tied around the neck of the cutest little dog. The interface is incredibly easy to understand, and use. For any beginners in the VPN market I’d highly recommend it to all my friends because it’s just too damn easy.”

“App works as designed, VyprVPN works as promised! Being in the Middle East this comes in handy to connect back to the USA for IP & location based services.”

“Great. Solid connectivity, no loss of speed below chameleon and fab support. What’s not to like?”

“Simple and secure, privacy, easy to use VPN connections. Ideal for added security when connecting to untrusted networks while traveling. Golden Frog is constantly adding new locations and features. App works great on my Evo 4G LTE. Can’t live without it.”
Bryan T.

“Excellent product. Consistently fast VPN service! I had a previous VPN provider but they could not come CLOSE to the type of speed and choices I get with VyprVPN. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know :)”

“It helps me connect and play online games with my brother whom I rarely see since I study far away from home. The internet services available here are limited by firewalls.”
Narolvin T.

“We have tried other VPN’s in the past but having subscribed to Golden frog for the last month we can confidently say that we are delighted with it!”

“Wow! The app auto updates smoothly, while other providers’ apps are still struggling to install correctly!”
Farzad H.

“A great way to protect your privacy. App is easy to use and straight forward. It is like wearing a raincoat in a storm, why wouldn’t you want this application running on your phone.”
Todd N.

“Perfect. Provides me peace of mind that my data is protected while offering accessibility to anywhere on the web.”
Tony B.

“I use this service to access country locked websites and works great. The app is very easy to use and servers are being added often. Best VPN client for iOS 7 so far!”
Julian R.

“A must have app to keep NSA away. It’s simple, easy to use and keeps your data transfers safe on insecure hotspots. If you’re concerned about your privacy, look no further, this app is all you need.”
Stian R.

“Thanks, I never saw a service so quick and professional!”

“Brilliant app. Use it every time I connect to a wireless network.”
Andrew C.

“It just works!! Peace of mind at an airport or hotel, what more can you ask for.”

“This is a fantastically easy app to use. So useful, and opens up the world to us Canucks. Thank you!”

“This is a great app that gives you peace of mind!”
Romeo S.

“Easy to use to protect your privacy. Great app to protect with confidence your ip, localization and data. Using it since 3 years on pc and smartphone with no regrets.”
Pierrick G.

“Must have. I use this software on everything. It is a true must have app for keeping things private.”
Ben P.

“Great! It’s fast and have a lot of servers throughout the world. The new interface has a really crisp professional feeling to it and the support is really fast and helpful when you need them. I love it!”
Erik W.

“Love the new design, UI, and you can now change location without installing a new cert!”

“Ultimate VPN. Best VPN with multiple destinations around the world. Been using it for 2 years now and it never failed me. Highly recommend.”
Ronald H.

“I really have fallen in love with VyprVPN and Golden Frog as well! My girlfriend is jealous ;-). Absolutely fantastic…”

“Great, expert protections, protects your mobile on-line communications in unsecured wi-fi locations. I use VyprVPN at home on my PC and mobile. Excellent product.”
Simon J.

“Vyprvpn makes living away from home so much easier! It also means we can ‘catch up’ on tv that hasn’t even been shown in the UK! Great value for money. We had few hiccups on first signing up but the customer service was second to none – thank you”

“Love this tool, works great on my Tablet and phone, and gives me the comfort of knowing my connections are encrypted while I’m on the road.”
DcOde N.

“Makes using a vpn easy. 2.0 made using a vpn on your android device a breeze. The widget provides easy access to start the vpn and make sure I am connected to the location I expected.”
Ryan M.

“I use it for any transmission, on any sensitive information handling, or any anonymous transaction needed.”
Etienne G.

“Fantastic app for protection and internet freedom.”
Bertrand F.

“After a good weeks research I found this VPN and am not disappointed. Good service …with good security and privacy options.”
Kaleem N.

“First VPN I have tried that is worth the effort. Technical support is first class, fast, and free – instant chat if needed! One initial glitch was resolved in about an hour. Being able to encrypt while on public (and work) wi-fi gives some peace of mind. No noticeable slow down while on vpn. Watching Netflix at full HD, instead of the crippled Verizon flavor.”
Rick Feist

“I’ve been using VyprVPN on my PC for over 2 years now. When they released an android version I jumped on it. They seem to add 2-3 new servers every month, from all over the world. The new 2.0 apps are very stable and make connecting via VPN super simple.”
Anthony Q.

“Sleek, fast and perfect. I have been using the app for a long time and the new version is easy to use, fast and pretty to look at. Really love the new look of it!”
Odd-Einar J.

“I LOVE the fact that I could switch to different regions on the fly. Your iOS app is amazing!”

“There’s not much to say about VyprVPN – it’s fast, it’s reliable and customer service is excellent. I didn’t regret my choice for a single minute.”

“Fantastic service. Easy to use, much efficiency, plus a disponible support team to help you quickly in case of troubles! A must have.”

“In a world determined to squash you silly, VyprVPN gives you the wings to rise above them, and stick your tongue out at them, whilst feeling the most wonderful breeze.”
Ana R.

“Great Update!! This is the VPN app to have for all your platforms!! I use VyprVPN on my PC, Phone, PS3 (via a proxy) and they all work great. The new 2.0 versions are even more stable and now look nice too!!!”
Jamie M.

“It’s a well designed app. Simple and easy to understand GUI and it works streams data very fast.”

“I use the VPN service on my Mac, iMac27 and iPad and iPhone 5. The apps are easy to install and use. Just like the Mac versions. I recommend it. With the higher levels of service you can have up to 3 simultaneous connections (like Mac, iPhone and iPad for instance) Excellent while at home or travelling. Allows one to see games and other content from blackout areas, also encrypts and protects your identity and personal information.”

“With VyprVPN, we can Skype and use other services with our office in UAE! We use it on windows, iphone and ipad..it’s been a huge help to our business to maintain our office communication!”

“Best VPN client/service I’ve encountered…The new graphic enhancements to the UI — color change when connected, graphs displaying all pertinent connection info, etc — are outstanding, the sort of thing I never knew I wanted till I had it, and now couldn’t try a VPN app without it. I’ve had a couple other VPN services in the past and while most were solid enough, they didn’t have the sheer ease of use and clarity of what was going on under the hood that VyprVPN does. Coupled with a longstanding company that values privacy behind it, and I would be hard pressed to recommend any other.”
Will M.

“Easy Installation->Simplicity->Huge IP Addresses & No. of Servers All Over the World->Just Connect and Become Anonymous->Don’t just surf, Relive the Internet.”

“Im loving VyprVPN on all my devices: iphone, nexus 7 fhd, computer, nas. It works great, it’s super fast and they are opening clusters all over the place! Now with the v2 of the app, it’s even better! Nice job!”
Djamil L.

“VyprVPN is easily the most comfortable way to stay anonymous on the internet. I’ve tried this service from several providers, but VyprVPN excels in every aspect.”
Hans C.

“The app just works. No hassles, no disconnects. I’m happy with the VPN service and the app integration. Worth a try for anyone looking for a new VPN solution.”
Andrew T.

“Very fast and easy to use, it has the most available servers out of all the VPN’s I have tried.”

“I like feeling of security when I use the VyprVPN app on my tablet, phone and laptop when I am on a public wifi. The new app has a tablet layout and gives more information. Very helpful.”
Terrence M.

“My first vpn for my mobile device. I love it. Awesomeness.”
Joe A.

“Great update for this app, love the ping test.”

“It works even with my LTE network!”
Gael P.

“Great application. Works great with my nexus.”

“Working without any problem, clean, clear, fast & with comfortable settings. Easy to manage, good privacy, and keeping good bandwidth.”

“Fast. Easy. Works on all my devices. Exactly what I’d want from a VPN service.”
Chad M.

“The UI is fast and elegant, no annoyances. Found the VPN to be responsive and does exactly what I expect from a VPN.”
Jason S.

“The difference is the interface. If you’re familiar with VPNs, you’ll know that most of them all do roughly the same thing. VyprVPN from Golden Frog differentiates itself with a plethora of servers around the world and a well designed and thought-out interface. I’ve been a user of their VPN services since its introduction and the iPhone app just keeps getting better. Version 2.0.x definitely refines the interface and makes it easier to configure your settings, etc. I use it on an iPhone 4S with iOS 6.1.2.”

“A perfect app for a perfect VPN!”

“VyprVPN is by far the best VPN mobile service. The excellence in security and transmission that they offer on the desktop is now on mobile devices. Its easy to use and perfect in its execution on all mobile devices. I won’t leave home without it!”

“I use VyprVPN on both my Mac and iPhone and although the service was stellar before, this new update brings a great new UI.”
Matt N.

“I’ve been using VyprVPN since it’s inception and I couldn’t be happier. The updated app is clean and user friendly, quick and reliable.”
Tyler R.

“Absolutely brilliant service for gamers if the game’s server is in the same City as one of the server locations provided by Vypr. I use it daily for Guild Wars 2 (Texas), Street Fighter 4 and Vindictus (I’m IP blocked from both). I purchased a year of the service before the trial even ended.”
Ameer Mohamed

“I’ve been using the desktop app for quite sometime now and have had zero problems. The new update is sleek and easy. Use it with all the devices now!!!”
Aric N

“The app is awesome and very easy to use!”
Aaron A.

“I am currently living in Japan and having VyprVPN has been a life-saver. As wonderful as Japan is, some things I love to use, like Netflix and Pandora, are not available here. VyprVPN made it possible.”
Hector S

“Thanks to VyprVPN, I can finally use my internet without my ISP restricting me to oblivion <3 ”

“Awesome customer service, amazing app in design, performance and ease of use.”
Khaled M.

“Best VPN App. As usual a perfect tool from Golden Frog!”
Patholo G.

“Great! This app works great and is easy to use! I didn’t have any problems using it, and it seems to work fine with whatever I use it for.”
Daniel K.

“Ich werde vyprvpn weiterhin benutzen. SUPER”

“A+++/ Great VPN, Great App! Thanks!”

“Easy to set-up, stable and reliable”
Michael Fisher

“This is a great app. Fast, safe, and easy to use…Thanks Golden Frog and VyprVPN.”
Joe M.

“It’s fantastic to see pings for servers.”

“I use different VPN’s all day long but I have never found one that has the sheer speed of VyprVPN, I am blown away.”
Jonathan Broderick

“This is a great VPN app and VyprVPN is easily the most full featured VPN service I’ve seen!”

“VyprVPN has evolved to become the best VPN product out there today bar none. The new user interface is friendly, well laid out and simply intuitive. I use version 2 on 4 computers and 2 smartphones. Golden Frog had rolled out many international server locations in 2013 providing the ultimate VPN service worldwide.”
Greg C.

“The new app is versatile, easy to use and beautiful…Not to mention, the best customer support on the planet.”

“I am really amazed with the new app, it looks brilliant and works really, really well!”

“I can’t believe how easy it is to use.”
Matthew D.

“VPN. FTW. Awesome service. Awesome app. Not to mention a very clean interface.”

“Your UI update is excellent, thanks for putting time/effort into it.”

“This app is simple and easy, and works super for my use. Best VPN I have tried.”

“Used VyprVPN for years and this version not only looks better than ever but is also a real performer! Great.”
Xavier A.

“A well done app, and easy to use. Plus an amazing service and fast internet speed.”
Gaby Al A.

“VPN is crucial in today’s internet; VyprVPN makes its use seamless and miles ahead of the Kludgy tools offered by typical enterprise vendors.”

“There are many VPN companies out there, and i tried a lot, but VyprVPN customer service, is just amazing, i had problems with the program, and they just simply walked me through it and fixed it, and it was in a respected time.”
Abdulelah A.

“I have used a lot of VPN services, and have never found one that combines both reliability, performance and ease of use till i started using VyprVPN. thanks”

“Sending my love with thanks!! VyprVPN works smooth and quiet as a snake……lightning fast…..and lays quietly behind the scene taking care of business…..like a whisper…you don’t see it….but its there working for you! Keep up the great work VyprVPN Team……you are the smoothest!!”
Wayne P.

“The customer service has been excellent, both timely and courteous. The VPN itself is great allowing me to browse the internet in China a lot faster normal. I have used it on all of my devices. I am really enjoying the Kill-switch function. The UI is simple and easy for anyone to use. This is an excellent product and definitely recommended if you are travelling behind the Great Firewall and want to stay connected.”

“Excellent update, handy software reaches a real maturity.”

“The app makes connection easy on the go and has worked flawlessly.”

“I’ve been using this service for many years and their mobile apps keep getting better and better. Great speeds and a massive number of worldwide servers.”
Andrew W.

“Très satisfait du service. La bande passante est très bonne. Je recommande VyprVPN.”

“I think it works great and is easy to use.”
Dan W.

“VyprVPN is the most reliable vpn ever. You have so many server options.”
Karel van A.

“Very good customer support! Before I bought this I didn’t know anything about it, and I got all the answers very fast and precise. 6 on the dice!”
Nina K.

“Multi-platform use a breeze.”
Paulo S.

“Great software, which does exactly what it says on the site. The customer service is amazing and the once that I required help, they were very pleased to sort my problem out.”
Khaled H.

“In my opinion, you have an excellent product! Thank you for listening to my earlier feedback!”

“Works great in the UK. Highly recommend.”
Andrew T.

“I ran into VyprVPN online, never had used or had knowledge that there was a system like yours that help military members stay intouch with their families. How do you ask? I am able to watch state side sites from back home and stay in the know; keeping up to date with things my wife and children enjoy. It also makes it easier to feel like your home when away, with the security that the VPN provides. Thank you for having such a great product.”

“I have used several different VPN companies and none have come even close to the excellent service provided by VyprVPN. Fast, reliable and efficient. My experience for a reliable VPN provider has had a happy and great beginning with VyprVPN. Thank you for your existence!”
Andrew B.

“Stable, well designed and more importantly excellent support.”
Brandon F.

“Impressive! Great piece of software!”
Petri T.

“I am very satisfied with the performance of the product. You have a fantastic support team in case you have a question or need help.”

“Easy to use. Fast and efficient.”

“Does what it’s supposed to.”
Alaa D.

“I want to thank you for such fast, professional and overall great support!!”

“I have tried many vpn services before making my mind on which one to choose. VyprVPN is by far the best to my opinion. Best speed, best reliability, best interface, wide choice of server location. Trust me, after my intense trial of the different options on the market, VyprVPN is ahead of the game and is the best choice you can make.”
Jerome M.

“In a country which is closing itself to all forms of entertainment,I found VyprVPN service an oasis of happiness in a desert called Pakistan.The service is fast and stable; it anticipates viewers taste in offering titles and when something goes wrong,there is always some one available on Live Chat With Support to help you out.”
M. Durrani

“First VPN that I have tried and would keep coming back to it! I’m using it while doing 5 months in China and it has been awesome! And the instant chat for support is really helpful and they have always helped me. It’s easy to use and I know that my internet browsing is being protected. Well worth the money!!”

“Simple, secure and trusted.”
Lee R.

“Le meilleurs service VPN.”

“Seem to be a great VPN, best one I’ve used so far. It has a great customer service and the speed is incredibly fast. 10/10 would buy again.”

“Incredibly useful.”
Dima R.

“Very quick, very friendly, to-the-point!!”

“The whole service is so well designed that when you actually start using it day to day it disappears into the background and you start to forget it’s there – yet you feel safe in the knowledge that the service has your back and you can use the internet just as you would when sat at home with a private connection.”

“Its awesome.”
Sanjay D.

“Your customer support melted my heart! An hour of chatting on the first day and half-a-dozen follow-up e-mails later, I was a hooked VyprVPN customer. :)) Of course, the VPN performance has been great ever since. Hopefully we will live happily ever after.”

“So far it has been great. Whether connecting to a city 50 miles away or a country across the world I never have any issues. Works fine on my Smartphone and my Desktop.”

“Best OpenVPN service! I’ve tried a number of them but VyprVPN comes top. Fast servers and a good number of them. Excellent support (you will need it at some point, that’s what happens with tech usually!)”
Eyko S.

“Super! A must have service! Lots of servers, high reliability, great support!”
Alessandro Z.

“You guys are great. Excellent response times and answers that make sense.”

“High Quality – is the only way to stand out in today’s saturated competition. VyprVPN can proudly demonstrate truly outstanding quality, professional attitude and foreseeing any kind of customer’s wish in its service. Using VPN is always a gentle topic, and VyprVPN has enough competence to properly handle it. With its crispy designed user-friendly apps it shows respect to privacy and provides absolute comfort to the clients. I feel lucky to come across this company, that enabled me to enjoy Internet much more than before. Thank you!”

“Excellent product. Does what it is supposed to with no mess, no fuss.”

“Great, timely, customer service, a clear, clean website, easy install, and of course, great security. What more could you ask? In general, when dealing with Golden Frog, I always felt that I was talking to people who knew what they were doing, and who cared. That’s so rare these days! Many people don’t realize how unsafe they are on public wi-fi. VyprVPN is a no-brainer.”
Steve C.

“LOVE IT! It’s exactly what i was looking for. I’m in China and EVERYTHING’S blocked in here… No facebook, no Youtube, no NOTHING! it’s the worse!… but thanks to VYPRVPN i don’t have to worry about any of this… it works so well, i have NO COMPLAINTS WHATSOEVER!!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!”

“VyprVPN is by far the best VPN service I have used. I have used many different services over the years and this one takes the cake. Not only does it work with all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows etc..) but the speeds are very good as well. Another nice feature is the option to choose what type of protocol you want to use (OpenVPN, PPTP, etc..) This service gives you piece of mind at public Wi-Fi areas that you are safe and also allows you to get around any ISP traffic shaping or throttling which I believe my is doing with Netflix during peak viewing times. Other VPN services I have used just do not provide the speed needed to use with video streaming. VyprVPN has no problem with this and its why I will be sticking with their service!!”
Clay C.

“Apparently we kissed the right frog this time…and it turned into the best VPN! Golden, no doubt – thank you guys!”
Ivo V.

“I absolutely love the fact that you make VPN so easy. Your apps and your Chameleon protocol are amazing. I started looking into VPN, and the setup process for OpenVPN protocol with your competitors seemed so daunting. You guys really make it so simple!”
Brad R.

“After trials and reviews of over 8 different providers. VyprVPN Is now the only vpn that I would recommend to both domestic and international clients. On a 50 Meg pipe you can reach 256 bit encrypted speeds of 43 Mps your lucky to find pipes that will deliver more then 3 Mps.”

“Ever since I came to America, I’ve always dreamed of going back home. It’s been nearly 25 years since I left England, and I’ve missed it, but the US is my home now. I found the VyprVPN website after reading reviews, and signed up and connected to websites in the UK within minutes! I can’t believe I’ve been away from England all these years, and because of your amazing product, I was able to go home for the first time. I can’t thank you enough for giving me this amazing gift. The price is more than worth it; such a small price to pay for a piece of home. Thank you.”
Janet J.

“Rapide, efficace, silencieux… VyprVPN me suit partout dans mes placements, aux quatre coins du globe. Pour mon travail de journaliste, c’est rassurant. Pour mes sources et les informations que je dois transmettre à mes employeurs, c’est sûr…”

“VyprVPN helped me avoid Bob Costa’s pink eye, by letting me watch the olympics on BBC instead. Clearly, that alone is worth the price of admission, but I also use it to keep the NSA off my tail. The only thing it doesn’t include is a free tinfoil hat, but I guess Chameleon makes up for that. For the tinfoil hat, I’ve found that Reynolds Wrap works great. I made gloves, too.”

“Great for buying airline tickets across the world! I just learned the airlines charge different price for the same ticket, depends where you are buying it!”

“I can be anywhere in the world within one click at lightning speed. I can standout or be anonymous. VyprVPN gives me that choice and I love every second of it!”

“I have been very impressed with Golden Frog. It is quick and easy to connect to VPN. It is quick to connect to the servers and if connection is lost I have it set to auto connect and it quickly reconnects. I am impressed with the support service. if I have a question or an issue support responds very promptly.”
Hampton F.

“Excellent application on all devices, very little problems so far. Excellent speed and security. Support is incredibly fast, reliable and helpful.”

“easy to use, decent interface design, worked even in china :)”
murat germen

“What should I say? Sitting in Shanghai, using Vypr the first day and I’m blown away. The speed is awesome, the apps for the devices – Mac, iPhone, iPad and Windows are really great and easy to use. This VPN is worth the money and the best is that you have fun to surf the internet again. Thank you..”

“Impressive speeds. Barely notice its there! Works great with games, too.”

“Blazing connection speeds at an affordable price, offering essential security for your online activities, all bundled up into an industry-beating package, with lightning fast round-the-clock support. VyprVPN is a Virtually Perfect Network.”

“The best so far, my search for a proxy server working in Oman ended here and I am totally satisfied with the product and performance. Strongly recommend to use Golden Frog without hesitation.”

“I love VyprVPN. Currently, my wife are living in different countries. We use various services to stay in contact online. I won’t say specifically where we are, but let’s just say there is a particular country with a firewall which blocks many things. Because of VyprVPN, and Chamelon, we’re able to keep in touch while we are apart. It also allows her to keep up on things that she wouldn’t be able to otherwise. So in this sense, VyprVPN has let us maintain a connection that might not be possible otherwise, and that’s the best Valentine’s Day gift we could have. Thanks!”
E. Brown

“Once upon a time, there was an IT analyst who needed to be somewhere else… But the weather was so bad that his flight was delayed. Instead of re-enacting ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ he decided to sign up with VyprVPN to solve all of his remote traveling needs. And now he lives happily ever after being guarded by the Tasmanian Devil shaped Vypr. **The End**”
James S.

“I currently live overseas in the Middle East. VyprVPN is an essential part of my survival as it enables me to conduct business in the states safely and securely. It isn’t just a personal class VPN; it is one that is stable enough to support an enterprise. I’ve been a user for a few months now, and have never had an outage, connection issue, or other problem with VyprVPN’s service. In addition, the application works on my iPhone, my iPad, my PC, and pretty much anywhere else I need it to.”
Caleb M.

“VyprVPN provides excellent service, especially considering I am in China and have to deal with “The Great Firewall.” Their online customer service is also excellent, easily equal to the best on the net. The system and service combine to make VyprVPN an outstanding value.”
Robert C.

“I’ve tried other paid VPN services and found them lacking in one way or another, but VyprVPN from Golden Frog does exactly what it claims and never lets me down. It’s the vpn service that is overtaking the competition and moving into pole position.”
Matt S.

“VyprVPN is amazing! While living in China a VPN is a must and VyprVPN does a phenomenal job of giving me a secure, fast, reliable connection! The connection never drops, there are numerous survers to choose from, and with the great addition of the ping test, VyprVPN hands down beats all other VPNs! Also the support of the VyprVPN was amazing as they tried whatever they could do to help the consumer, all while being extremely kind! VyprVPN is just great, a fast, secure, reliable VPN, that’s all you can ask for. Simply the best there is!”
Aaron P.

“Thanks for this great product – It actually works – better than the other 3 or 4 I have tried and my previous support questions were actually answered and solved. Thanks.”
Jonny F

“Moved to China a week ago to teach so just my second day and boy what a difference, was using [another provider] when I first got here until I found this one and so much faster… Well worth the extra money that I have paid to get vyprVPN. Great to be able to surf the net and also use my Facebook and Google. My suggestion to everybody is GO FOR IT!”
Alexander M.

“I have tried many other VPN services claiming to be the fastest but none comes close to VyprVPN. If you are outside of the US and want a secure safe way to stream US only content from Netflix, Hulu Plus or Google Play in full HD, VyprVPN is the only way to go. Other services can only stream in Standard Definition. And, the apps that get you connected are very user friendly too on Windows and Android.”
Alex P.

“I have used several other VPN Services before. When it comes to “speed” and “reliable connection”, believe me VyprVPN has no competitor. I have a 20 Mbit/s connection at work. As you may guess without a VPN Service speed is charming. With this internet connection when i use other VPN services connection slows down to even 1-2 Mbit/s. But if VyprVPN is in action, I never saw a connection below 15 Mbit/s. This is an incredible advantage over other VPN services. You can add easy connection advantage since they have so many servers around the world. VyprVPN is the best”
Tolga E.

“My ISP provides me with enough downstream and upstream bandwidth to do what I want to on the internet. Aggressive bandwidth shaping has caused me to lose the ability to do simple things like stream video in recent months. VyprVPN has restored the ability to use my connection. Until unfair tactics such as throttling and shaping are outlawed by the neutrality movement it’s nice to have a solution that works. Without this service my internet connection would be a constant source of frustration.”
Mark B.

“So far so excellent! All I wanted is watching Australia TV (while not in Aust) and I have got what I wanted!”

“VyprVPN’s customer service is amazing. If you have any issues at all, they respond immediately and continue chatting with you until the issue is resolved. The VPN service is great and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a VPN service.”
Dawn W.

“Works so well. No complaints!! Excellent!!!”

“What do you do when you’re locked behind The Great (Fire)Wall of China?! Use VyprVPN to stay connected to the world! Great Service, Thanks!”

“VyprVPN is fast, reliable and works beautifully. AND their customer service is superb! Always available, knowledgeable, pleasant and quick. Not that that I’ve had a lot of reason to contact them!”
Jane W.

“After some initial set up confusion, VyprVPN is working beautifully for me. I am in a foreign country and would not be able to access much of my content from the US without it. I found it is actually faster than my local connection!”
Kathie B

“I am very happy with the support, attention and performance of VyprVPN. I recently had a minor issue and contacted VyprVPN last night via live support. This morning all seems to be working fine again. I very much recommend VyprVPN.”

“How wonderful to be able to fling the doors wide open to my country, and reconnect to the programming I hold dear in my heart. Did I mention the Support of this service easy very accessible and professional? No worries here. Take the plunge.”
Carole H.

“An ideal relationship which gives the freedom to explore while providing you the security and protection you need, in the most discrete and private of settings. I love you Golden Frog.”
Georgette L.

“Very pleased with it! Easy to use, reliable and secure, not to mention a great design as well. Overall, the best VPN I have tried by miles. I would be missing out if I didn’t have it!”

“This was exactly what I was looking for. It works great and easy to run. Now if we can just get a government the run the same way it would be great!!”
Rainey W.

“I chose VyprVPN because it was one of the highest rated services. I was not disappointed. Speeds were great and it is a company you can trust.”
Brent A.

“Great bandwith ! Im in Chile , and when I connect to a US server, it flies. Best provider ever. I tried others, but every afternoon they were too slow.”

“tengo muchas espectativas en esta manera de conectarme a internet, gracias por brindarnos la oportunidad de contar con ustedes… los felicito!!!”
Jose C.

“Just switched a couple of days ago to VyprVPN. I was looking for a VPN service that gives me the choice of an App on my Mac and also the possibility to use native VPN with manual PPTP setup. And I happily found VyprVPN. I use a lot of scripts and workflows on my Mac with Alfred App so I needed the manual PPTP native Mac Setup possibility. Everything works so well. Setup with the VyprVPN App or the manual PPTP is easy as pie. Quick authentication to connect to various VPN Server and a good solid quality connection. After the free trial which is great I’m now on a regular account month by month. The 24/7 Live Chat Support at the start was very helpful. Great Service all-in-all VyprVPN.”

“Its a turnkey solution with broad platform support. I am having a pleasant experience with VyprVPN. Hassel free usage on IOS devices.”
Asif S.

“Fantastic in many respects! So far, I am thoroughly impressed with the features, performance, and reliability. If Golden Frog can maintain the yearly pricing and continue to innovate (especially with unique security enhancements), I will be a long term subscriber. Thanks for making a great product even better!”
David L

“Oh what a feeling, safe and secure. Hugs to the help crew too with their patience answering questions.”

“Awesome VPN service… i like the way you can install aon many devices and connect more than one without buying another prescription. My phone is always on Vypr and i have 2 Operating systems on my comp witch is nice that i can connect each side without having to buy another prescription. Fast service… no problems here. Very pleased. Have recommended many friends.”

“I think VyprVPN is really great, it works really well and if you have a problem, the Live chat support team is really efficient and skilled.”
Auralie M.

“wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. Bought this for use in China and it worked perfect – all sites were accessible! Have decided to keep it even after we came home for viewing tv etc – great product”
Rhonda N

“It’s great because it’s fast and it works! It gives you different many server options and on top of it, it’s beautiful. Good job!”

“Using VyprVPN is like instant travel in time and space.”

“I have used VyprVPN due to the regions I have lived in. In countries where Skype and certain social medias networks are censured and/or blocked, VyprVPN provides you a fast, user-friendly, stable connection opportunities where information and the truth can be shared freely. As a Turkish national, we are being forced to not access videos, documents and reality with regards to the corrupt government officials. VyprVPN represents a clean and honest information flow where people can learn and love each other in a day like Valentines day. I hope to be able to protect my privacy and never get tapped or labeled due to the fact that I know the real picture. Please do not allow these evil corrupt people to get our freedom to love and share information. With love from the Censured people of Turkey who is seeking for the truth and nothing but the truth.”
Cem D.

“Very impressed with this service. Been using this service to access blocked content in France on my laptop and mobile. Works great!”
Ryan E.

“If you want to experience the internet, the way it was meant to be experienced; across all platforms, then VyprVPN is a must!”
Joe M.

“First time using a VPN. Researched choices and liked what I saw with this – VyprVPN. Easy to use. No problems. Thank you.”
Tom G.

“Best open VPN out there! After much comparison and careful research, I settled on VyprVPN to keep my browsing secure and safe during my tenure at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games. The many server options and locations always allowed me the fastest possible connection without fear that I was jepordizing my online safety and encryption. Colleagues during my three month stay in Russia constantly found themselves batteling intrusive monitoring and slow connexion, all while I experienced no such thing. I have highly recommended VyprVPN to all my friends and co-workers!”
Sean L.

“As fast as my connection, servers all over the world, and a great new app that works with four operating systems. There is nothing left for Golden Frog to improve; this is the perfect VPN.”
Aws A.

“Best vpn service, easy to setup, now my whole house of 30 devices can browse with privacy and enjoy US streaming content.”

“Just like Security Screens for my house, VyprVPN provides me with peace of mind when I am on the Internet.”
Keiran S.

“I used VyprVPN for over two months in the UAE and it worked very well for all my streaming and download needs. No throttling and very reliable. I really liked the ability to switch my termination point based on ping latency and the support is the best. Keep coming up with the updates guys!”

“Great speed and reliable at all the places that I have traveled. Works well on all available platforms. Worth every penny!”
Micky P.

“VyprVPN is no snake in the grass, it’s a trusted friend you can take anywhere in the world to watch your favorite programs away from home.”
Mark V.

“I just want to thank the awesome customer support team for the ongoing assistance they have provided me with VyprVPN. They have been patient and always attentive in providing the best customer service experience possible. Any questions that I may have asked has always been resolved within the day. VyprVPN will always be the VPN service that I will refer a friend to and one of the reasons as to why I will be because of your customer support.”
Kishan M

“NSA against the World; Golden Frog VyprVPN is the statue of liberty for all of us connecting in freedom.”
Rolf W.

“To be free or not to be free VyprVPN is the answer.”

“VyprVPN is amazing! It gives me confidentially while I’m surfing & downloading on internet. I live in France and need it to protect myself. VyprVPN provides with me exactly what I need: security, fast connection & comfort. Thanks!”

“VPN allows me to be home when im away and it works perfectly. It is to VPN what Messi is to football.”

“In this day of identity theft, government observation and social uncertainty, I needed a product that offered a degree of privacy. I also get to see the world! Well, my data does, from one of over 40 VPN locations! The service that just keeps giving – time and time, with a great VPN client app, full support for tablet and mobile Operating Systems, and blisteringly fast performance, I am hooked.”

“VyprVPN has been amazing. Comcast is starting to degrade the quality of service with Netflix. With VpyrVPN, I get the best picture quality and can bypass this. It also has been helpful with being on public WIFI and not worrying about my traffic being sniffed / intercepted. That’s all great, but what’s even better is the speed! It’s fast… faster than a lot of other solutions I’ve tried.”
Mike R.

“Great customer service, always gets whatever questions I have answered. The speeds are unbelievable fast, there’s hardly ever any lag while using it. I tend to forget I’m even using a VPN after a while. 10/10.”

“It’s really awesome. Never experienced problems with VyprVPN. I could connect to my companies vpn from India just like I was in USA.”
Visnuvardhan R.

“I split my time living in the United Kingdom and the US, and VyprVPN is essential. Many subscription music, tv, video, and video game services will only work when you’re in one country or the other, and when you live in multiple, you need a fast, reliable VPN to keep you sane! Thanks!”

“I can’t finds the words to describe my freedom when using VyprVPN it’s the most important thing in my life as a human. VyprVPN gives us the ability to be independence when we do our work or shopping online, it by far the best product i have purchased in the last years. Thank you.”

“I’ve used VyprVPN for one week. I am very happy with its operation: security, ease of handling, efficient support. A big thank you to the team.”

“VyprVPN is the best gaming VPN service that you can get. Works all of the time and the Ping is very low. Other services pale in terms of performance.”

“Très contente. Très facile à utiliser”

“Having used VPNs for clients in the past, VyprVPN was the first personal VPN service I tried. After reading several favourable reviews, I decided to give it a go and really liked it. Easy-to-use software (despite including the latest encryption protocols) and instructions – I now have it running on my iPad as well as Mac and will shortly be putting it on my PC too. The speed is excellent – half of what I normally get from my provider. The help desk have been very useful in getting me up and running, as well as answering any queries I have. Well done guys!”
Mikhael M.

“When I sit in my favorite coffee shop and look around I relies that it is a Jungle out there! There is nothing like turning on my VyprVPN and having the comfort of it’s security. It puts me on the other side of the bars!”
Doug F.

“While travelling around Europe VyprVPN keeps me connected with my home news & tv stations which aren’t accessible from abroad. Works always 100% and incredibly fast. Never had a problem in any country. Love it.”
Jens S.

“With VyprVPN, we can Skype and use other services with our office in UAE! We use it on windows, iphone and ipad..its been a huge help to our business to maintain our office communication!”
Ripul J.

“VyprVPN is great. I travel quite a bit and it is a great tool to use when I am travelling. I do not have to worry about which sites are blocked in other countries and which are not.”
Kishor B.

“I love VyprVPN 😉 It is a daily joy to start up my internet connection with VyprVPN, while traveling in China. Visiting the sites I want to, without the frustration of being blocked.”

“VyprVPN has been an outstanding product. We needed to be able to test our mobile applications in other countries without travelling to another country. I was able to use DD-WRT and VyprVPN to create an VPN tunnel to countries all over the world. All without leaving the office! The VPN connections are very stable and have required no fuss. VyprVPN was very easy to setup in DD-WRT when compared to other solutions, which I tried several.”
Matthew S.

“Great VPN service! I have used their support system more than once (I’m a noob) and they have been professional and prompt. Easy to use and work very reliably. One of if not the premier VPN’s worldwide available today. No hesitation at all in recommending this. Triple thumbs up!”

“On the web, I can not only feel safe when browsing, but also do so with ease. Fast, elegant and highly recommendable!”
Nicolaj M.

“I love VyprVPN, their service is diverse, efficient, and always reliable. Best VPN provider by far.”
Michael F.

“Freedom to travel anywhere in China and with a click of a button, easy access to FaceBook and YouTube… cool man!”
Calvin C.

“With VyprVPN you are always at home. Great service! Thank you guys.”
Nemanja P.

“Decided to join VyprVPN for the olympics, and it blew my mind how easy it was to use and how fast the connection is! No hassle, i strongly recommend it!!”

“Using a VPN is while on an unsecured network is will one big step to keep your sensitive information private. Key word is private! First step to being safe from the prying eyes of government, black hats, and evil little internet demons. VyprVPN actually cares about it’s clients and doesn’t allow anyone to bully them into giving up their encryption keys or security protocols regardless of the organizations clout. Digital security is the future and make sure you pick the right weapon to protect yourself in the scary digital world we now live in!”

“As someone who values my freedom and privacy it is refreshing to discover a company who shares these values.”
Andrew M.

“I live in China, and life without VyprVPN will be as eating only rice everyday! ”

“If I was a php request, I wish I would be delivered via VyprVPN.”
Lars T.

“I really like VyprVPN. It’s fast & reliable. The client is very good and it also works under Linux like a charm. Also there is the optional NAT firewall that can be turned on and off – and depending on your requirements either gives you a real IP adresse or protects your machine from outside attacks.”

“Wow! Great speeds, great connectivity, great all around. Before VyprVPN i was being tracked, hacked, hijacked, and blocked. Now, no problems. Bout lost myself a few times. Keep up the good work.”
Joey W.

“You guys rock! Without you I wouldn’t be able to enjoy American radio outside the states. Your service is always amazing and so fast! I am a real radio nerd and I love you more than chocolate!”
Craig B.

“VyprVPN has the most user friendly and reliable VPN software. Their support is top notch, with rapid replies to any issues. The online control panel is also user friendly and easy to navigate.”

“I’ve used a number of VPNs and I can say without any hesitation VyprVPN is the best in the areas of speed, friendly customer service & features. Oh yes, the price is very friendly too! :)”
David B.

“Works like a charm. Changing servers is extremly easy and speed is the same as with my unencrypted line.”
Andreas S.

“It’s quite fast and there are multiple servers, which is very useful. Whenever I have any issues the support team is very prompt at answering and making me feel like I matter.”

“Awesome VPN service – sticks out through flawless connectivity at high speeds, sufficient to watch HD over!”
Matthias L.

“I have only one regret : I waited too long before signing up. I was struggling with two other companies and after testing VyprVPN I cancelled my other contract. Immediately!”
Serban S.

“The strength of an F5 tornado and the poison of a Viper: Killer….!”
Armando C.

“I used many different VPN services over the years. This is by far the most stable and the fastest.”
Joseph F.

“It just works. Many pluses. Servers in Australia, very quick downloads, secure, private. Just an excellent all round product……”
Bob H.

“Painless to setup on a Win7 laptop, iPad-Air, and iPhone5 (we are wondering what is needed to add a 4th device). iPhone set to auto (on demand) connect, and seems to do so reliably, even when using a variety of “public” Wi-Fi accesses here in the USA and Canada. Previously we never did anything private via Internet access other than our home firewall router, but now feel relatively secure doing so via the VyprVPN pipe (and of course the devices’ other security apps & SSL)! Downloading from our “cloud” storage accounts seems just as fast as ever (often exceeding 20mbps).”
Kelly G.

“The best VPN solution out there. After years struggling for a reliable VPN solution, VyprVPN proved to be the outstanding one.”

“Absolutely banging service. Stop messing around with other vpn services and sort your life out with a VyprVPN account. Job done.”
James S.

“I’m using VyprVPN for couple of months now and I’m very impressed. It’s easy to use, most importantly I’m surfing the internet safe whilst not compromising speed – was looking for something like this for quite a bit but couldn’t find any other product that offers the same features. Would highly recommend this to any of my friends. Keep up the great work :)”
Viktor F.

“What can I say? Best VPN Service Online! Privacy, Security, Ease Of Use, Coverage, Speed And Great Support! You name it they have it 🙂 Not to forget… cool name as well. Go VyprVPN!”

“Nice and smooth, so easy to setup, use and personalize. The best VPN I’ve used for hopping the Great China Firewall! 5 Stars!”

“How could I do not love VyprVPN? First of all it’s a tool created for values such as freedom, privacy which are values which brought struggle all around the world and all around the eras. These values as human’s right representative. Morever, VyprVPN is a powerful tool with high performance. In my opinion the real strength of this tool is his team (support/development etc…). The support team is one of the fastest i’ve ever seen and i’ve always worked in a IT division, they’re very patient, they do their best to solve your issue, they’re polite …..in another word they are really ITIL. The other main point is that VyprVPN don’t stay motionless….despite of their powerful tool they’re always looking for updates to provide to customers the best experience they could have…They listen to their customer as we can see with the page of suggestions…”
Brice N.

“A great service that keeps improving would definitely recommend this to anyone. ”
Sara V.

“VyprVPN is not a poet, but a sonnet for surfing the World Wide Web!!!”
Constantin S.

“You will be hard-pressed to find a better service provider. Awesome!”
Vlad P.

“Brilliant piece of kit, must have app of the year!”

“I have used multiple VPN services throughout the years. Golden Frog is serious about your privacy and internet freedom! You see i am someone who believes in my heart of hearts that when im on the internet im in my home nice and secure, but corporate entities and government agencies want to invade on that privacy and what makes it worse is now our ISP’s are wanting to know about everything we are doing on the internet. I find this kind of progressive ideology a smack in the face to our freedom. I would not leave home without my VyprVPN and you shouldnt either!!!!”
Jeremy M.

“As a new user, I am relieved and thrilled to use this reliable and simple service. Installation was simple for both my mac and android. I love the 24/7 customer support! The design of the UI is great on both my mac and android – I didn’t think it would be this easy!”
Ed K.

“Service has always been excellent, on time, and straight to the point using creativity and know-how to achieve results oriented toward excellent customer service and high standards to initiate top-notch service and expertise and a vast knowledge base of information which makes this Virtual Private Network a must have in today’s world of necessary online security and surveillance. The service comes highly recommended.”
Jerry W.

“Security and privacy have changed over the years and it’s the perfect time for Golden Frog to launch VyprVPN; a fast, phenomenal VPN provider with customers at the centre of everything. Thanks guys!”
Jacob H.

“The best way to spend money is spending it on what is worth it. VyprVPN is worth it! Love it!”

“Easy, just so easy to use. I had some issues unwinding my modem setup from a fairly complicated part of the world and the support was unbelievable…my emails were answered within minutes and my issues ironed out. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince like this. VyprVPN has given me a home away from home for movie watching.”
Trudy B.

“The only VPN service I will ever need or use.”

“I had a desperate need to check out a website but i needed to view it in a different country. I was able to get VyprVPN setup very quickly. Within minutes I was on the site I needed to see and got the information I needed for work. Their software is simply amazing and the ability to change country to country is second to none.”

“I’ve been a loyal customer for quite some time now because VyprVPN simply works, speeds are great, it provides the online security you would want from outsiders, and prying eyes. Also the pricing is also good. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that’s not familiar with a VPN, internet security.”
David P.

“Producto de primera con servicio de primera, que tuvo la verraquera de crear un protocolo propio Chamaleon, todo esto enmarcado con interfaz sencilla y poderosa. Gracias por este buen servicio de VPN.”
Andreas C.

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Jan Z.