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AUSTIN, TX– South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) – Golden Frog, a global software and Internet application development company, shared its vision today for the future of the Internet. Golden Frog’s co-CEO Ron Yokubaitis published a vision paper explaining how global peace and prosperity are tied to an open and free Internet and issued a call to action to all netizens of the world.

“Golden Frog was created because we are passionate about helping ensure an open and secure Internet experience while protecting the individual’s privacy. We believe that global peace and prosperity are possible only by ensuring the Internet remains open and free,” said Ron Yokubaitis, co-CEO of Golden Frog. “There have been many threats against an open and free Internet under the guise of privacy and protection policy. Netizens, the citizens of the Internet, around the world need to understand the real threats and what can be done to protect our freedom.”

An open and free Internet is under attack from multiple fronts. Governments have been pressuring technology service providers to ban access or restrict availability of certain content. In response to this pressure, large Internet service providers are preventing users from accessing content or websites that their governments declare illegal. Even without government pressure, many companies and service providers are restricting access to content that they deem offensive or derogatory.

Legislative efforts to protect an open and free Internet have failed. In 2005, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) set out to keep the Internet open to consumers by establishing the Open Internet Order which led to the establishment of the Internet neutrality concept. Internet neutrality has not benefited consumers to the degree the FCC had hoped, and it no longer provides the full protection that it originally set out to or that consumers were led to believe.

Golden Frog believes that netizens are left with no choice but to find ways to protect themselves while online. “Encryption is the second amendment of the Internet,” said Yokubaitis. “It is quite simply the right to defend oneself.” From text messaging to browsing history to online downloads, netizens have the right to communicate and view information privately. An open and free Internet requires that tools be made available to help consumers protect their private data. The right to encryption is a necessary policy if we are to defend the right to privacy.

Golden Frog promotes innovation as the answer and is fighting for an open and free Internet by creating tools and resources for autonomous people to explore ideas, communicate, search, find, and exercise their right to free expression and commerce. This cause is not just a fight to ensure free speech, but a strategy for global commerce, international understanding and ultimately peace and prosperity.

We are pleased to announce that VyprVPN for Mac has been updated to version 1.1. Following our initial 1.0 release last month, today’s update includes performance enhancements and also addresses several user-reported bugs. The most noteworthy bug fixes include the proper display of NAT firewall status in the system menu and the addition of VPN notifications for OS X 10.7 and below. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Existing users of VyprVPN for Mac can simply click “Check for updates” in the VyprVPN system menu on your Mac or you can download version 1.1 directly from our website.

VyprVPN for Mac 1.1 changelog:

The system menu displays correct NAT Firewall status.
Changes were made to resolve connectivity problems after connecting and disconnecting multiple times using the L2TP protocol.
Support for “Growl” notifications for OS X 10.7 and below.
Addressed an installation issue where the installer would sometimes terminate with a “Cannot open lock file error message”.
“Update Available” message only appears when updates are available.
Improved software update process.
Fixed a bug that caused the “Launch application on login option” to not work.
Fixed a bug that prevented the application from promptly reporting when a network connection was lost.
Fixed a bug that prevented the option to “Re-connect when connection drops” from being disabled.
VyprVPN system menu now opens on right mouse click.

We appreciate your feedback as it was critical to implementing the improvements released today. We encourage you to continue to share your product ideas and feature suggestions at Golden Frog Ideas: http://ideas.goldenfrog.com or by emailing us at [email protected]. Thanks again!

VyprVPN for Mac is free to download but requires a VyprVPN account. Sign up today and try VyprVPN risk free for 7 days!

Today, we are extremely pleased to announce that the Dump Truck Refer-a-Friend Program is here! Tell your friends about Dump Truck and receive 500 MB of bonus storage for each friend that signs up and confirms their account!

We’ve got all of the tools you’ll need to send invitations to your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Earn up to 16 GBs in free bonus storage!

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If you don’t have a Dump Truck account yet, please sign up for a 5GB account today – they’re free!

Dump Truck for iOS has been updated to version 1.1! Along with iPhone 5 support, the app has been refactored for improved responsiveness and performance. The video player has also been updated for better file format compatibility and playback. AirPlay support was also added so you can stream your videos to Apple TV using AirPlay.

Dump Truck iOS Screenshot

What’s new in version 1.1:

Completely refactored for improved responsiveness and performance
iPhone 5 support
AirPlay support
Playback improvements for audio and video files
Localization fixes
Bug fixes

If you haven’t downloaded Dump Truck for iOS, you can download it from the App Store for free.

Download on the App Store

Our development team is hard at work around the clock updating and improving our apps and your ongoing feedback really helps us plan new features and enhancements. We encourage you to share your product ideas and feature suggestions with us at Golden Frog Ideas: http://ideas.goldenfrog.com or by emailing us [email protected].

And If you don’t have a Dump Truck account yet, please sign up for a 5GB account today – they’re free!

Attention all Dump Truck for Android users: we are pleased to announce that Dump Truck for Android has just been updated to version 1.1! Say goodbye to the previous Gingerbread-inspired user interface and say hello to a new user interface that is more consistent with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) interfaces.

We have been working on this update for some time in order to not only bring you a better designed app, but an app that is faster, easier to use, and more stable. We’ve also included the ability to use the long press gesture to quickly act on single or multiple files from the directory view. And to top it off, we added a multi-pane layout for tablets.

Please note that the 1.1 update makes use of the latest operating system from Google so it is only available for devices running Android 4.0 or greater. Dump Truck users running Android 2.x and 3.x can continue to use the 1.01 version, but will not be able to update to 1.1.

Action Bar
Action Bar

The action bar is the bar located just below the notifications bar in the interface. It provides a consistent place for all of the actions within the Dump Truck app and is present in most Google apps, such as YouTube, Google+, and Gmail. You can use the action to bar for specific actions such as uploading, switching to thumbnail view or dragging to reorder in the favorites tab. We also use the action bar to display your current folder name and other contextual actions when you use long press to select an item or multiple items.

Long Press
Long Press

When you long press to select an item or multiple items, the default action bar is replaced with an action bar that displays contextual actions. If you have one item selected you can perform actions that were previously accessible from the full-screen view, such as sharing, favoriting, or deleting. If you have more than one item selected, you can delete or favorite the entire group.

Tablet UI
Tablet Support

Finally, we included tablet support for the growing number of Dump Truck users that use Android tablets, such as the Nexus 7 or Nexus 10. In multi-pane layout you will see the standard directory interface on the left and on the right you will see the viewing area for images and other files that Dump Truck can display.

We are really proud of this update today but we aren’t stopping here. We are already working on more features for all of our platforms, including Android. However, we couldn’t develop these new features without the all of the great feedback from our fantastic users. Please keep the feedback coming! You can share your product ideas and feature suggestions with us at Golden Frog Ideas: http://ideas.goldenfrog.com.

And If you don’t have a Dump Truck account yet, go and sign up for a 5GB account today, they’re free!

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Today we are pleased to announce that we have launched some under-the-hood performance updates to the Dump Truck Web App. This update dramatically improves the overall responsiveness of the Web App and will especially be noticeable to users with slower Internet connections.

If you haven’t used the Web App yet, please login and give it a try. With the Dump Truck Web App you can upload, access and share your files from your web browser. It also functions as your headquarters for controlling how you share your files with friends and family.

We’ve also added a Web App change log link to the footer of the Web App login page. You can refer to the change log page to see the progress of new features and bug fixes as they are addressed by our Dev team. We are hard at work on new some exciting new features that will make the Web App even more useful, so stay tuned.

We are proud to announce that Dump Truck Desktop for both Windows and Mac has been updated to version 1.1! In this version you will find significantly improved performance, memory handling and network usage.

To upgrade, just click on the Dump Truck logo in the Windows task bar or the OSX menu bar and click on “Update available”. If your version of the app doesn’t report that an update is available, you can download the latest version of Dump Truck desktop here and install it yourself.

The Dump Truck development team is very proud of this release. It has many great improvements over our original 1.0 release. We are excited for you to experience the improvements described below!
Smarter Synchronization Algorithms

The 1.1 release includes smarter synchronization algorithms to minimize how much data we have to read. This saves disk read time and also saves your CPU from doing expensive calculations.
Memory Optimizations

Our original release was unexpectedly unfriendly when uploading large files. If your Internet connection was slow enough, your system would consume too much memory. If the file was large enough, it could cause the synchronization application to unexpectedly terminate. The 1.1 release has fixed this issue by optimizing memory consumption to keep the synchronization process under more reasonable constraints.
More Equitable Sharing of Network Resources

The 1.0 release would allow a single large upload or download to dominate the network connections thereby essentially starving other applications. As you would expect, v1.1 has addressed this issue and now assigns network resources in a more equitable manner ensuring that all operations get equal chance to use the network. Customers on slower networks may have experienced issues of files never synchronizing because the engine kept resetting – this fixes that scenario by eliminating those timeouts.
Improved Messaging and Notifications

Version 1.1 provides clearer messaging about what the synchronization engine is doing. We tell you when we are attempting to establish a connection with the server, scanning for changes, and several other interesting and more detailed states. You should be able to look at the state provided in the menu and have better information as to “what is going on”.
Improved File Timestamp Management

We now synchronize the last modified timestamp on the files we upload and download. This will ensure that the original modification timestamp of your files are preserved across all of your systems.

We continue our “Welcome to Dump Truck” Blog series today with Part 3 – Dump Truck Secure Sharing. We will show you how to use the Web App as your headquarters for sharing your files with your friends and family. In case you missed them, check out Part 2 – Dump Truck Web App or Part 1 – Dump Truck Desktop.

Dump Truck has a lot of powerful sharing tools that are all accessible through the Dump Truck Web App. You can use the Web App to create a single link or multiple links for a file or folder and protect links using passwords and expiration dates.

How to Share with Dump Truck

Link Security
Public Links

It’s easy to create a public link with Dump Truck. Just click the checkbox next to the item you want to share and click the “Get Link” icon in the action bar. This will launch the public link window where you can see your new link. At this point you can share the links using any method you choose. We also have built-in tools to post your links to Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Facebook.
Multiple Links Supported

Creating multiple links for the same file or folder is unique feature of Dump Truck. You can assign each link a unique name, track downloads per link, or protect links using passwords and expiration dates.
How to Add Security Options to Your Links

Link Security Options
Password Protection

Use password protection for links to provide secure access to a file or folder. When a public link is protected with a password, users will be required to enter a password prior to accessing the file or folder.
Expiration Dates

You can set expiration dates to restrict access for a limited period of time. Set a shared file to expire in a day or whatever time period you prefer.
View Analytics on Your Links

Public Links

Another unique feature of Dump Truck is the ability to view the number of downloads for a file or folder so you can track usage. This is helpful to see if a shared file has been downloaded or accessed.

We hope Part 3 of the “Welcome to Dump Truck” Blog series helped you understand how to securely share files and folders using the Dump Truck Web App. We continue our “Welcome to Dump Truck ” blog series, with Part 4 – Dump Truck Mobile Apps. In Part 4 we will cover features of the Dump Truck Mobile for iOS and Android.

If you don’t have a Dump Truck account yet, please sign up for a free 5GB account today.

Following up on this month’s release of VyprVPN Desktop for Mac and our new VyprVPN server in Toronto, we are happy to announce VyprVPN on Demand has been updated today to include:

iPhone 5 support
Minor bug fixes

We appreciate all of your ongoing feedback! If you have a product idea or feature suggestion for VyprVPN on Demand please share it with us at Golden Frog Ideas: http://ideas.goldenfrog.com

If you haven’t downloaded VyprVPN on Demand, you can download it from the App Store.

Please remember that VyprVPN on Demand requires a VyprVPN Pro Account. Try VyprVPN Pro risk free or upgrade your existing service to use all the benefits of the VyprVPN for iOS!