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Golden Frog Announces VyprVPN for Business Free Trial for Organizations That Want to Keep Confidential Data Secure and Online Communications Private

The Extended Free Trial Gives Companies an Opportunity to Test Speed, Reliability and Ease-of-Use in their Real-World Business Environment

MEGGEN, Switzerland, February 25, 2014 – Golden Frog, a global privacy company, announced today that it is offering a free trial of VyprVPN for Business to companies looking to provide employees with secure and private Internet connectivity. VyprVPN for Business includes native applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices that empower companies to protect confidential information from lurkers and hackers. When employees use VyprVPN on their mobile devices, especially while traveling or operating over public wi-fi networks, VyprVPN helps protect the company’s intellectual property and ensure business privacy. Unlike consumer-grade VPN services, VyprVPN for Business includes an administration console so IT managers can easily manage multiple users. Whether using desktop computers or mobile devices, VyprVPN secures Internet connections without sacrificing speed.

The free trial allows organizations to experience VyprVPN and test the speed, stability and ease-of-administration of the service. VyprVPN users get unlimited bandwidth and connection speeds and can switch freely between more than 700 VyprVPN servers worldwide without any caps or restrictions.

A VPN service is critical when employees connect to unsecured public wi-fi networks in coffee shops, airports, or commuter trains. Utilizing VyprVPN for Business shields sensitive corporate data and lets employees conduct business intelligence on a worldwide basis. Furthermore, VyprVPN gives users a fast and stable Internet connection when they are outside the office, even when they travel internationally.

“VyprVPN for Business has allowed us to consolidate multiple VPN logins under one account and easily modify our subscription level.” said Matthias Zeitler, CEO of MarkTheGlobe, a global SEO optimization company based in Austria. “The ease of use and performance have really helped employees throughout the organization buy into an online privacy solution, and they are now diligent about connecting to the Internet through VyprVPN.”

Furthermore, Golden Frog recently launched Chameleon, a great tool for international business travelers. Chameleon is a proprietary technology that defeats VPN blocking in countries that restrict Internet access like China, India and Turkey. Chameleon masks VPN traffic to ensure it’s not recognizable via deep packet inspection, while still keeping it fast and lightweight. The technology uses unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol for the underlying data encryption. It means VyprVPN for Business customers are able to bypass restrictive networks put in place by governments, corporations and ISPs to gain access to an open internet. The extended free trial enables organizations in restricted countries the ability to test VyprVPN to ensure it consistently works.

“Recent news about high-profile security breaches has made organizations aware that confidential data is at risk every time an employee logs in at work, or on the go. But, most VPN services are geared toward individual users.” said Shawn Wilkie, vice president of business development at Golden Frog. “Our free trial allows organizations to take an extended look at VyprVPN for Business so they can roll it into their overall IT security strategy.”
Secure Your Confidential Business Communications and Data

If you’re a VyprVPN user, you already know how easy it is to protect your Internet connection at home and on the go! Why not extend the same protection to your business communications? We are now offering a free trial of VyprVPN for Business so you can test in a real-world business environment.

With VyprVPN for Business, we offer security, reliability, blazing speeds, and unparalleled customer service to small, medium and large companies. Whether you need security for your road warriors, or looking to protect your business communications and identity, VyprVPN has a solution for you.

VyprVPN for Business includes apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. VyprVPN helps protect your company’s intellectual property and ensures business privacy. Unlike consumer-grade VPN services, VyprVPN for Business includes an administration console so IT managers can easily manage multiple users.

How can you try VypvVPN for Business?

Request a free trial of VyprVPN for Business or call us at 1.888.532.5525 between 9am and 6pm CST and we’ll set up a free account for you.

Benefits of using VyprVPN for Business:

Encrypt All Business Communications
Secure Internet Connections on Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks
Protect Your Identity During Competitive Research
Access to 200,000+ Global IPs
Simple Admin Interface to Manage Multiple Users
Desktop and Mobile Apps for Every Device and Platform
Unlimited Speed and Usage

The biggest tech story of last week unquestionably was Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp for $19 billion. That astounding figure is six times more than the $3 billion that Snapchat turned down. They spent $340 million for every WhatsApp employee.
So why exactly do you think Facebook paid megabucks for this acquisition? It certainly isn’t for the revenue potential. WhatsApp charges its 450 million users $1 annually to use the service. We aren’t math geniuses, but that’s an estimated $450 million in annual revenue. Facebook has promised not to insert ads into the service to squeeze more money out of it. So, even if the service continues to grow, it’s going to take many years to even get close to the $19 billion they paid for it.

Which leads us to the next question. What does Facebook consider more valuable than pure revenue? Data! More specifically, they want your data. They bought WhatsApp because it gives Facebook access to a wealth of user data, opening up both mining opportunities, and possible privacy concerns.

WhatsApp’s privacy policy is not great (some would call it horrible). They can access your address book, scoop up phone numbers and upload them to their servers. Think about that: even if you don’t use WhatsApp, if one of your contacts does, your number is stored on WhatsApps servers. Now, Facebook has billions of phone numbers and there is a good chance they have your mobile phone number. What they do with this data is yet to be seen. But one thing we know for sure is that that whopping price wasn’t about money, but really about user data.
A recent survey indicated only 28 percent of the world uses tools to protect their privacy online.

If you don’t fall into that 28 percent, we want to know why. It may be because you feel you don’t do anything illegal online and therefore don’t have anything to hide.

The reality is everyone has something private to protect – your personal data. Every time you browse an online shopping site, share something via social media, or simply use Google Search, a tiny piece of your personal data can be tracked. What’s even more scary, that data is bought and sold on a daily basis. Google and Facebook use the info you “voluntarily” provide to serve up ads.

Other companies want in on this as well. In fact, Golden Frog recently received an email from Experian Hitwise, a digital marketing company, asking us if we’d like to enter “a data supplier relationship” with them. We included the email below so you can see what type of personal data interests them and what we stand for.

They actually thought we’d be open to providing data on our users! Obviously, their sales guy hasn’t read our vision paper about preserving a free and open Internet. Nor did he take the time to understand what we stand for.

Needless to say, we declined. But, the lesson here is that hundreds of companies out there are salivating for your personal information. That’s something to consider when you say you aren’t concerned about online privacy and don’t have anything to hide.

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Chameleon “scrambles OpenVPN packet metadata to ensure it’s not recognizable via deep packet inspection” and is specifically “designed to mask Internet traffic to defeat VPN blocking in restrictive environments like China.”