Nord VPN Instal Questions

Can I set it up on my smartTV or Apple TV?

SmartTV and Apple TV does not support built-in VPN. The only way to set it up is by setting up your router with VPN. In that way your SmartTV or Apple TV will have the VPN connection from your router. Nonetheless, NordVPN will start offering smartDNS very soon.
What router do you recommend to use with NordVPN?

We would recommend you to purchase a DD-WRT or Tomato compatible router and set it up with NordVPN.
How an IP address relates to online security & privacy?

Since every computer in a network is assigned with an IP address to retrieve information, all activity performed online has an IP signature. Just like your Internet Service Provider (ISP), every webpage tracks the IP address of a visitor to collect user-oriented data and this is done without the agreement of the visitor.

All kinds of user identification can be collected by tracking this IP address, and straightaway, the website can gather wide variety of information such as ISP, actual location and other information that can be stored and used respectively to the discretion of the website.

At present, search engine giants such as Google are using IP addresses as well to associate search pattern and online activity with every single user. This is being done to send more targeted ads, but with the kind of information that is being collected, it is worrying to note that Google is in a position to profile and internet user quite accurately.
Could you provide DD-WRT configuration guide?

Here are the instructions on how to setup your DD-WRT router with NordVPN’s configuration.