General waste incinerator Chamber capacity 0.36m3

Incinerators must  be able to support different power sources (PV solar system , 
diesel Electric generator , local or  compound mini-scale grid).Each unit shall 
include a complete vertical exhaust and stack system, including the following features:
• Steel construction.

Packing Details Serie No. Part Name Size(M) Weight(Kgs)
01 Incinerator Mainbody 1.8 x 1.2 x 1.7(LxWxH) 2560
02 Somke Filter Chamber Dia.0.7 x Length 0.8 300
03 Chimney Dia.0.25 x Length 2.5 60
04 Chimney Dia.0.25 x Length 2.5 60
05 Oil Tank Dia.0.7 x Length 1.0 20
Total 5.2 CMB 3000 Kgs

• Refractory lining in the lower section.
• The exit height of the stack shall be not less than a range of 3-12 metres above 
ground level depending on the capacity of the incinerator unit. 
• The diameter of the stack shall be selected by the Contractor to deliver an 
exhaust exit velocity of not less than 10 metres per second vertically upwards when at full scale operation.
• An emission stack sampling port shall be included immediately above the secondary chamber.
Containerization The proposed incinerators shall be able to be completely 
packed into a series of 20ft export standard sea containers.
Warranty period: “Warranty will be as per the UNOPS ‘contracts for the 
provision of goods’ under section 4.5 of the ‘general conditions of contract’                                                                                                                                                            4.5 WARRANTIES: Unless otherwise specified in 
the Contract, in addition to and without limiting any other warranties, remedies 
or rights of UNOPS stated in or arising under the Contract, the Contractor warrants and represents 
All incinerators shall meet the following emission and operating standards:
• Combustion efficiency (C.E.) shall be at least 99.0%
• The combustion efficiency shall be computed as follows:
o C.E = (CO2 X 100) / (%CO2 +%CO)