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Is Airplane Wi-Fi Safe?

Traveling usually requires flying, which means airport and airplane Wi-Fi connections. Both are very similar to regular public Wi-Fi, with one notable difference: the sheer amount of people who use them. That much unsecured data literally flying around is an attacker’s golden goose.

As for airplane Wi-Fi safety, it really depends on your definition of safe. Though not much good as a lifejacket, a travel VPN will certainly keep your connection secure. And it will allow you to freely visit any site that the Wi-Fi service provider has restricted access to.

Use a VPN to Look Cool on Your Travels

As you galavant around the world, you’ll no doubt bump into others who can’t get their email due to local Internet policies.

There are a number of reasons people might need their email abroad; perhaps they’ve had money stolen and need to beg for help, or maybe they just want to send gloating pics about their travels.

Whatever the situation, imagine the awe you’ll receive as you reveal yourself to be a one-man travel technology show by whipping out your personal VPN and connecting to any website or service in seconds.

This gives you the unprecedented opportunity to look like one debonair, carefree player, for both people at home and those VPNless fools you’ve met on your travels. Win/Win. Well done, you.