Engineered VPN Performance

We engineered VyprVPN to have the highest level of speed and security for broadband Internet connections. We own the servers and manage a global network to deliver the fastest VPN speeds. We write code optimized to deliver the fastest VPN access with the highest level of security. Golden Frog is the only company that handles your data to provide the highest level of end-to-end security and performance.

Our Code

We write 100% of our code and optimized VyprVPN for modern broadband connections.
Our Hardware

We own and operate 100% of our VPN server infrastructure to deliver fast and reliable connections.
Our Network

We have in-house network engineers with decades of experience that continually optimize our global VPN network for speed.

Global Network Built for Speed

Our network engineers build and manage our own global VPN network to provide the fastest VPN speeds across the globe. Whether you are in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Oceania, Golden Frog’s network is continually managed to provide the fastest throughput to your location.

Unlimited Means Unlimited

Unlike other VPN providers, we never limit you. Connect to any VyprVPN server, anytime, without restrictions or download caps. Easily switch between server locations at no additional charge. We have 200,000+ IP addresses for 700+ servers in our server clusters, so connections are always available.

Unlimited Speed

No throttling. Ever.
Unlimited Bandwidth

No bandwidth restrictions or download caps.
Unlimited Server Switching

Switch between locations at no additional charge.