Diesel Oil Filter Cup on Oil Line for Incinerator

Diesel Oil Filter Cup   on Oil Line for Incinerator
Can I burn paper in a garden incinerator?
Basically, just like you would when making a bonfire. If filled correctly with 
dry material, the incinerator will only take a few moments to light. 
I use long matches that can be poked through the holes in the side of the incinerator to light the paper.
Why incineration is bad?
Incinerators generate harmful pollution posing a risk to human health in 
nearby communities. Burning trash releases dioxin, lead, and mercury 
(in many areas, incinerators are the largest sources of these pollutants),
greenhouse gas emissions including both biogenic sources and carbon dioxide, and hazardous ash.

Burn Rate (Average) 5-10 kg/hour 10-20 kg/hour 20-30 kg/hour 30-50 kg/hour
Feed Capacity(Average) 10kg/feeding 20kg/feeding 40kg/feeding 60kg/feeding
Control Mode PLC Automatic PLC Automatic PLC Automatic PLC Automatic
Combustion Chamber 52L 100L 210L 330L
Internal Dimensions 50x35x30cm 50x50x40cm 65x65x50cm 75x75x60cm
Secondary Chamber 26L 50L 110L 180L
Smoke Filter Chamber Yes Yes Yes Yes
Feed Mode Manual Manual Manual Manual
Voltage 220V 2P 220V 2P 220V 2P 220V 2P
Power 0.5Kw 0.5Kw 0.5Kw 0.5Kw
Burner Type Italy Brand Italy Brand Italy Brand Italy Brand
Oil Consumption (kg/hour) 4 6 8 12
Gas Consumption (m3/hour) 6.2-11.4 6.2-11.4 8-15.7 9.8–20
Temperature Monitor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Thermometer Corundum Probe Tube Corundum Probe Tube Corundum Probe Tube Corundum Probe Tube
Temperature Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Cooling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic False Alarm  Yes Yes Yes Yes
System Testing Model Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time Setting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Progress Display Bar LCD Display LCD Display LCD Display LCD Display
Oil Tank 200L 200L 200L 200L
Oil Tank Stand 190cm Height 190cm Height 190cm Height 190cm Height
Liquid level Display  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Feeding Door 20x20cm 30x30cm 45x40cm 55x50cm
Chimney 2Meter 3Meter 3Meter 5Meter
Chimney Type Stainless Steel 304  Stainless Steel 304  Stainless Steel 304  Stainless Steel 304 
1st. Chamber Temperature 800–1000 800–1000 800–1000 800–1000
2nd. Chamber Temperature 1000℃-1300℃ 1000℃-1300℃ 1000℃-1300℃ 1000℃-1300℃
Residency Time 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec. 2.0 Sec.
Gross Weight 1000kg 1500kg 2200kg 3000kg
External Dimensions 120x80x110cm 140x90x120cm 160x110x130cm 175x120x140cm

Corrosion resistance and weather proofing The Incinerator units shall be 
designed to last in operation in a tropical environment for a minimum 
period of 10 years if the specified maintenance schedule is followed. 
All metal surfaces (except combustion chamber internal fittings) shall be 
either galvanized, enameled, painted or otherwise treated against 
atmospheric and process induced corrosion
The incinerator combustion chamber(s) should be designed for 
easy maintenance of all internal parts including the refractory and insulation. 
Materials used in the individual parts of the incinerator shall be heat resistance 
and also be protected against oxidation, corrosion, etc.
All electrical connections attached with the incinerator and other machinery 
should be provided with suitable and necessary safety devices and be protected 
by steel conduits, cable trays, and supports.
The manufacturer should permanently mark on the incinerator indicating: 
(i) manufacturer’s name or trademark (ii) style, type, model or, date of 
manufacture of the incinerator (iii) capacity in terms of net designed heat 
release in heat units per timed period (i.e., British Thermal Units per hour, 
mega joules per hour, kilocalories per hour).
Operations store “The unit shall be supplied with a lockable operations 
store, that shall be initially supplied with the following consumables:
• A first aid kit, suitable for addressing the hazards presented by the unit.
• 5 full sets of personal protective clothing and equipment.
• Operating logbooks.
• Unit cleaning equipment.
• Unit routine maintenance equipment and associated spare parts.
• Lubricants as appropriate.
• 3 Fire extinguishers.
• Any other consumables considered necessary by the Supplier.
The incinerator shell shall be made of mild steel with an adequate
 thickness for small units of between 3-6mm and larger units 5-10 mm 
depending on the construction part and painted externally with heat resistant 
aluminum paint suitable to withstand 250° C.  The outside surface temperature
 of the incinerator casing should not exceed 50° C above ambient temperature 
and shall include a safety mesh around all hot surfaces. Cold face refractory 
lining of calcium silicate or superior material, minimum thickness 100 mm.
Automated loading option Not applicable
Wheeled bins and weigh scale “The Contractor shall supply for these large 
units 2 options of bins; the following number of wheeled bins with lids, suitable for use with the unit.