Deep Packet Inspection: Do You Have a Choice?

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a networking technology that inspects the content of data packets as they travel over the Internet. It filters or throttles your Internet connection based upon the data content.

The first DPI devices were used to troubleshoot network problems and blocking viruses and Denial of Service attacks. Today, DPI is capable of far more — allowing ISPs and governments to monitor and monetize the Internet in ways which threaten Net Neutrality and the unrestricted dissemination of ideas over the Internet. Deep Packet Inspection is similar to a wiretap on your telephone, but occurs over the Internet.

DPI subjects all online users to inspection – monitoring and storing all online activities at your ISP’s/government’s discretion. Interesting to note are the recent estimates about DPI. According to a recent article, ABI Research estimates over $1.3 billion of DPI hardware will be sold in 2015, a huge increase from $207 million in 2008. In addition, Infonetics Research predicts that DPI will be a $1.5 billion business by as early as 2013. According to ABI, future increased use of DPI devices will be directed toward mobile networks.

You have a choice to make your Internet experience a more private and secure one from any location or device. Services such as Golden Frog’s VyprVPN encrypt your data, providing increased security and privacy on the net. To learn more about VyprVPN and how it can help create a more secure and private internet experience for you, please contact Golden Frog Corporate Sales today.

Golden Frog’s complete suite of VyprVPN personal VPN services, including OpenVPN and NAT Firewall, are now available to all Giganews customers.

Giganews, the world’s leading Usenet provider, chose to offer Golden Frog’s VyprVPN solution in March 2010 to further expand its service offering and provide additional value to its customers. At that time, Giganews introduced Diamond members to VyprVPN using PPTP – an older, basic VPN protocol.

In February 2011, Giganews followed up by adding VyprVPN’s L2TP/IPsec protocol to the Diamond Account level at no additional cost. Since that time, Diamond members have enjoyed VyprVPN’s increased security, and have asked for the complete suite of Golden Frog’s privacy tools. Giganews responded to the positive feedback and today we are pleased to announce Golden Frog’s complete suite of services is available to their customers!

Giganews Diamond customers are now able to purchase additional VPN options OpenVPN and NAT Firewall for as little as $5/month each. All other Giganews customers can now add VyprVPN’s personal VPN to their account and choose from three VPN service options that best fit their needs. Visit the Giganews website for details!

We have worked with Giganews to provide a custom solution that meets the unparalleled value their customers expect. We are proud to partner with Giganews, a company that shares Golden Frog’s vision to keep the Internet secure, open and free.

To learn more about partnering with Golden Frog, please contact Golden Frog Corporate Sales today.

Golden Frog is pleased to release Mimo Usenet Browser 0.2.0. We completely overhauled Mimo’s core downloading engine, resulting in faster speeds, fewer lockups, and better download management.

If you’ve tried Mimo in the past but put it aside because of download or stability problems, you should try this release. Many customer bug reports have been addressed with this release.

Below is an overview of the update:

Try out “PAR in Parallel” with this update. PAR verification now runs in parallel as each file is downloading without pausing the download. We’ve seen resulting download speeds increase by 100%!
Mimo will now download the highest priority item in your queue first. When you have multiple items in your download queue, you’ll get your first item sooner.
Pending downloads will now resume when you restart Mimo.
Mimo will now pause and resume downloads properly.
New Feature: You can now change the priority on download jobs. Right-click on a job in the Downloads tab, and select one of the “move” options. You can also pause jobs and the next download will begin automatically.

Beyond Mimo v0.2.0 Beta: What’s Next?

This release sets the stage for continued improvements and new features. The next major change will be a complete user interface overhaul. Mimo currently resembles other Usenet clients available on the market – raw and unpolished. With the core download engine improved, Golden Frog is ready to focus its attention on the user interface and user experience.

Please remember that Mimo is still in Beta, so Golden Frog continues to need your feedback. Please submit bugs, request new features and receive updates from the Golden Frog Dev team in our newsgroup at giganews.mimo.

Mimo is available exclusively for Giganews Diamond members. If you’re a Diamond customer, download Mimo now. Otherwise, upgrade your account or signup today at Giganews!

How far is too far? A current news article brought to light that the European Union’s Data Retention Directive requires Internet, mobile and fixed phone providers to keep customer data for a minimum of six months, and up to two years. The Swedish government recently proposed legislation to implement the proposed law. If passed, it would force providers to monitor, track and record subscriber and traffic information for every customer’s connection, including the time and IP address of every text message, telephone call, website visit and email sent and received.

In response, Bahnhof, a Swedish ISP and host of Wikileaks, announced they intend to circumvent the directive by implementing a VPN service to protect the privacy and freedom of their customers. By encrypting traffic, Bahnhof will not be able to track and log their customer’s online activities. They believe customer information should only be monitored and logged with “reason of suspicion” and court order.

We share the same values: privacy, security and freedom online. While ISPs like Bahnhof create solutions to protect their customers’ privacy, most ISPs monitor, record and share your personal information as outlined in their Terms of Service. Don’t rely on your ISP to care about your privacy. Replace your ISP’s Terms of Service with ours.
The country of Tunisia is in a state of unrest and dissent as millions tune in to follow the anti-government protests. In a recent news story , social media giant Facebook noticed suspicious activity as reports came in regarding the hacking of several political-protest pages. Tunisians attributed the cyber attacks to the censoring of their country’s Internet and attempts to steal social media passwords. Taking a purely technical (non-political) approach to the situation, Facebook coded a two-step response to the problem, which allowed for all Tunisian requests for Facebook to be routed to an https server and implemented a procedure that would require users logging in to identify friends’ photos by name.

So, what can you do as consumers and business travelers to protect and secure your online activity? Use Golden Frog’s VyprVPN , a service designed to protect users’ connections from hackers and authorities who threaten individuals’ rights to freedom of expression. Users of VyprVPN are permitted to use the Internet, including sites like Facebook, in a whole new way – privately, securely, and from anywhere in the world.
Free Public Wi-Fi Issues Exposed at Global Conference

Concerns about the safety and security of public Wi-Fi came into light at the recent Digital Life Design Conference, an annual global science and technology event. Attendees of the event were granted access to the free Wi-Fi network, and a participant demonstrated how easy it was to “hack” into the social network accounts of those using the Wi-Fi. By utilizing the controversial “FireSheep,” a Firefox extension that demonstrates HTTP (non-encrypted) session hijacking attacks, this person was able to gain access to information on the computers, laptops and PDAs that were connected to the Wi-Fi network. As a result of this exercise, the vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi communications were shown – users’ devices often aren’t secured or protected when on public access networks.

How can you avoid such issues with public Wi-Fi? Consider utilizing a secure VPN service to connect to the Internet, such as Golden Frogs VyprVPN. VyprVPN protects users’ connections from hackers and data sniffers – making extensions like FireSheep inoperable.
The latest news from Tunisia and Egypt is reminiscent of the government crackdowns on social networking sites from Iran during 2009. According to an article published this week, Egypt appears to have blocked access to Twitter in response to citizens using social networking sites to organize protests against the government. The Internet, for many in this world, is not free.

A personal VPN service, such as Golden Frog’s VyprVPN service, is a tool that can help people bypass such restrictions. By encrypting communications between the VyprVPN network and the end-user, unwanted third-parties are prevented from determining which websites the end-user is visiting or communicating with. Since 1994 Golden Frog has been dedicated to restoring individual’s rights to online privacy. Golden Frog allows its VyprVPN customers to use the Internet freely, securely, from anywhere in the world, including Egypt.
Chances are you use a free Wi-Fi connection from time to time. Whether on business travel, sitting in the doctor’s office, or just hanging out at a coffee shop, it is a major convenience to have free access to the Internet when you are away from your office or home computer. While convenient, what many do not realize is that Wi-Fi connections are not secure and could put your personal data and information at serious risk.
In a recent Internet security article, the dangers and risks of surfing the Web unprotected are outlined.

So, what can you to do to secure and protect your online experience?

For starters, consider Golden Frog’s VyprVPN service for fast, easy online privacy. Golden Frog is a company committed to restoring individuals’ rights to online privacy, allowing them to browse the Internet freely, securely – from anywhere in the world.

A VPN or virtual private network, encapsulates data transfers between two devices which are not on the same network – keeping the data transferred private. VyprVPN takes it a step further and ensures that the information a user transfers online is encrypted at the ‘last mile’ of the connection making communication even more private and secure. So with VyprVPN, when you are at a local cafe and connect to its Wi-Fi network, your data transactions are encrypted from your computer through the Wi-Fi connection – all the way to the VyprVPN servers. VyprVPN users receive all of that protection and added security without sacrificing speed and high performance.
Using a public Wi-Fi network without a VPN just got more dangerous. Firesheep, a new packet-sniffing Firefox add-on, makes it easier than ever for malicious users to take advantage of unsecured wireless networks in cafés, airports and more.

If you’re on an unsecured network, a Firesheep user can instantly access your information and activity. Worse, he can take over your identity to access all areas of the sites you are visiting – as if he is you.

Here’s how it works:

A Firesheep user connects to the same network you’re on
He clicks a “Start Capturing” button
Firesheep presents names and photos of users connected to the network
The current websites accessed by each user are also listed
The Firesheep user sees you in the list, and double-clicks on your photo
He is instantly logged-in as you, seeing what you see

Once the Firesheep user hijacks your session, he can access data, read e-mails, perform transactions and participate in communications as if he is you.

We created VyprVPN to protect people from these kinds of privacy breaches. VyprVPN protects your information from Firesheep by encrypting all communication – even when the site isn’t using SSL.

After adding or fixing nearly 450 features based on tech preview feedback from Giganews Diamond members, we’re excited to announce the Beta release of Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search.

We designed these Usenet tools to create a new Usenet experience specifically for Giganews members and are excited to be working with the world’s best Usenet provider. The Giganews servers are powerful: capable of handling retention growth and providing fast download speeds whether the article is 1 day old or 800+ days old!

Together, Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search are the world’s only cross-platform Usenet browser with integrated search that can index all 800+ days of Giganews’ retention. Not only that, we’re able to keep up dynamically with Giganews’ retention as it continues to grow.

We’ll be keeping both Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search in continuous active development, so please request features or report bugs by contacting Giganews Support or posting in our newsgroup at giganews.mimo. Giganews works closely with our development team, allowing us to incorporate member feedback and resolve bugs quickly. Over the coming months, we will continue to improve Mimo’s performance, user-friendliness and resiliency.

Mimo and Golden Frog Usenet Search are free with all Giganews Diamond memberships today. Join the new Usenet experience. Become a Diamond Giganews member now.