Australia VPN

All over the continent citizens want a VPN for Australia to protect themselves against overreaching new surveillance laws. Legislation that was brought into existence in October of 2015 ensures that Australian ISPs collect everyone’s web browsing histories and metadata for two years. VPNs securely encrypt all of your web browsing data as it passes from you to your ISP. That means that your ISP can’t store your data for the government. In addition, VPN services let people overcome annoying Internet censorship forced upon them by the government, geo restrictions, ISPs, landlords and even workplaces.

With governments deciding that it’s fine to spy on the citizens that vote them in, it is natural for people to seek out ways to regain their lost privacy. The snooping laws in Australia are so strict that the only way to escape them is with strong encryption. That is why a VPN is so perfect! VPNs use industry standard encryption protocols to tunnel your IP address to one of their network’s servers, that means that your ISP and government loses the ability to keep tabs on you!

At, we know everything about how to choose the best VPN for Australia. We understand that to be secure, you need to be careful when subscribing to a VPN. Some VPNs are terrible, and an absolute waste of you hard earned cash. All in all, there are over 800 VPN services on the market to choose from, and many of those cannot be trusted to handle your data in a secure way. With that in mind, selecting a VPN for Australia can seem a bit stressful! Luckily this list should more than help you out!