About Golden Frog

Welcome to Golden Frog. We’re your new source for innovative Internet applications. Golden Frog is a global software developer that recognizes deeper, broader uses for Internet technology in the broadband era and we’re creating superior solutions to help you access its full potential.

Our first release is a Personal Virtual Private Network (VPN) called VyprVPN which provides a secure, encrypted connection to the Internet. VyprVPN represents the kind of high-quality innovations you can expect from us: user-friendly tools with exceptional reliability, performance, and security. Learn more about VyprVPN.

GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS—December 18, 2009—Golden Frog, a global software developer focusing on Internet applications, today announced its official launch.

Golden Frog recognizes deeper, broader uses for Internet technology in the broadband era. The company will create superior software and services that help people access the Internet’s full potential.

Golden Frog’s first release is a Personal Virtual Private Network (VPN) called VyprVPN. VyprVPN is an online privacy protection service that provides a secure, encrypted connection to the Internet. It guards against data snooping and identity theft at home and on the road, including public Wi-Fi hotspots, smartphones, and broadband Internet. VyprVPN delivers a level of privacy protection unavailable with traditional Internet security software.

“VyprVPN represents the kind of high-quality innovations you can expect from Golden Frog,” says Mike Smith at Golden Frog, “User-friendly tools with exceptional reliability, performance, and security.”

About Golden Frog
Golden Frog is the global software developer of Internet applications focused on reliability, performance, and security. We care about the Internet and create superior software and services that help people access its full potential. Our debut release is the breakthrough online privacy protection service, VyprVPN. VyprVPN provides a secure, encrypted connection to the Internet; a solid layer of privacy protection unavailable with traditional Internet security software.

Golden Frog is proud to announce we’ve added a new server location on the East Coast of the US for VyprVPN. This adds to the server locations on the West Coast and in Amsterdam. The additional server location gives users even more access options for VyprVPN’s secure internet browsing.

Here at Golden Frog, we believe in keeping the Internet open and free to use as you want: unrestricted and uncensored. We’re a global software development company comprised of Internet people and activists for freedom and privacy in all your online activities, and it’s reflected in our newest innovation, VyprVPN. This is a personal VPN which creates a secure, private connection to help strengthen your Internet privacy.

Online privacy breaches occur every day at the hands of neighbors, employers, ISPs, strangers, and search engines. With over 16 years’ tenure in the Internet business, we are creating high-quality, highly secure Internet experiences. Every day your information travels across the globe and can get into the wrong hands.

VyprVPN gives you secure Internet connections anywhere you go, on any platform you use. Whether you browse on your iPhone, Android, PC, Mac or iPad, VyprVPN blocks outside access to your connection, helping to prevent geo-targeting, deep-packet inspection, and reckless disregard for your privacy from the government and your ISP.

Unlike other VPN security providers, Golden Frog never monitors or controls your speed or connection with VyprVPN. Whether you’re traveling the world or browsing from home or a neighborhood café, VyprVPN helps protect your data from being traced or stolen by third-party data sniffers.

VyprVPN encrypts data at the sending and receiving ends to bypass ISP traffic shaping and priority handling. Defeat deep packet inspection, ISP throttling, and change your IP location to a USA VPN, European VPN or Asian VPN as often as you choose. Keep your ISP from controlling your connections and collecting information about you.

Check back on our blog to keep up-to-date on the newest privacy and security issues that arise, as well as more info on VyprVPN and other Golden Frog Innovations. In the meantime, join the more than 25,000 members who are already protecting their privacy with VyprVPN. Buy VyprVPN VPN service now.

VyprVPN is a personal VPN service that secures Internet browsing privacy everywhere, on any device. This remote and personal Virtual Private Network stops hackers, ISP throttling, and third-party data sniffing. More than 25,000 members browse securely with VyprVPN, and the reasons are clear why using a VPN is the only safe way to browse the Internet:

Protect your online identity. VyprVPN establishes a private, secure Internet connection on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android or other device to secure your online communications, shopping, banking and browsing.
Fast, secure browsing. A personal VPN eliminates traffic shaping and rate limiting. Keep your ISP from looking at the contents of your communications and deciding to slow it down or block it altogether.
Take a secure connection everywhere. From the Airport terminal to a café or bookstore, a personal VPN allows you to connect through any public Wi-Fi Hotspots without risk of online fraud or identity theft.
Keep your location private. Private browsing capabilities keep websites from identifying your location. Sites will see a VyprVPN IP and location rather than your home or office IP and location.
Restore your Internet freedom. VyprVPN lets you bypass restrictions and appear “native” with your choice of four locations:
USA VPN –Washington, D.C.
USA VPN – Los Angeles
EU VPN – Amsterdam
Asia VPN – Hong Kong

The VyprVPN difference is in our 100% redundant server and global network infrastructure. At Golden Frog, we tune the software and servers 24x7x365, optimizing speed and connectivity. Don’t let your employer, ISP, government or anyone else control what you view or where you view it. Keep your Internet privacy and experience the web as it was intended to be experienced. Get VyprVPN today.

We’re proud to announce that Golden Frog has added L2TP/IPsec as an additional protocol for VyprVPN. L2TP/IPsec uses 256-bit IPsec encryption – the same strength used by banking and financial websites. VyprVPN Pro customers get L2TP/IPsec today for no additional charge!

L2TP/IPsec is supported natively on a number of mobile devices, giving you an even stronger level of encryption when browsing on your iPhone, iPad, Android device and more.

Having L2TP/IPsec allows you to bypass firewalls that may block PPTP or OpenVPN. With more protocol choices, you get more freedom to protect your information and activity.
New customers will sometimes ask us why their firewall software will show lots of incoming connection alerts after they connect to VyprVPN.

The reason is simple: When you connect to VyprVPN, you’re getting a direct connection to the Internet. Since most people use wireless routers at home and corporate firewalls at work, they’re not used to being directly connected to the Internet with no filter. VyprVPN bypasses these filters, and so customers start seeing all of the random attempts to scan and exploit systems that go on all the time.

Today, we’re releasing our NAT Firewall feature. This add-on behaves much like your wireless router — it doesn’t let new connections from the Internet reach your VyprVPN system. All the connections you make will work just fine. It’s the people scanning for exploits and unpatched systems that will be blocked.

Any of our VyprVPN customers can add this feature for just $5/month. If you want extra protection or just want to stop those firewall alerts, try it out today!